PFP alumnus Guzun Ion hosts Brennan Center for Justice expert John F. Kowal

March, 5 2015

As a participant in the Professional Fellowship Program, I was placed at the Brennan Center for Justice (http://www.brennancenter.org). The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve our systems of democracy and justice. It works to hold American political institutions and laws accountable to the twin ideals of democracy and equal justice for all.
During my fellowship between 1 - 30 May 2014, I managed to participate in the meetings organized the Brennan Centre' programs on several issues: discussed issues included the experience of the OSI New York in the following areas: (i) amicus curiae (ii) strategic litigation and the ECtHR cases, (iii) advocacy activities, (iv) court administration, (v) judicial vacancies, (vi) caseloads, (vii) mass incarcerations etc. I have managed to meet with several interesting persons with a relevant background, such as - Mr. Robert Varenik, Program manager at the OSI New York and professor Stephen Gillers from NYU School of Law.
Additionally to my PFP, I had a great opportunity to know my host family in New York - Mrs. Wenke Thoman and Mr. William III Sterns and meet with my relatives in Seattle, Washington.
As a result of one-month fellowship at the Brennan Centre, together with Mr. Kowal we decided to develop and outbound project. The project aimed to share the experience of a leading American legal advocacy organization with Moldovan civil society experts and decision-makers involved in justice reform in Moldova, and strengthening NGO capacity for advocacy and action in the public interest and discuss on following issues: (i) the practice of writing and appearing before a court as an Amicus Curiae; (ii) recusal of judges in cases involving conflicts of interest (with a focus on judicial ethics), (iii) judicial selection, and (iv) lobbying and advocacy in organization and/or coalitions' activities.


Therefore, were formulated the following objectives:
 Objective 1: Get acquainted with the Brennan Center's experience in lobbying and public interest advocacy;
 Objective 2: Learn from the Brennan Center's practice of filing amicus curiae briefs in legal cases in the court system and its cooperation with law firms;
 Objective 3: Initiate debates in the Moldovan legal community on the submission of amicus curiae briefs by civil society organizations;
 Objective 4: Share best practices relating to the promotion of fair and impartial courts, including recusals and judicial selection reform.


Project Report

Intercultural Exchange Between The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law and The Legal Resources Centre from Moldova

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