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Read all our monthly reports and find out how Alumni pursued our FLEX values in different projects.


July Report


Alumni Successes:

Nadejda Sergheeva '07 was accepted to Villanova University in USA.

Ana Chirita '04 organized the Ideal University summer camp to organize democratic student election into the student senate of three university in Moldova.

Olsea Brinza '06 was selected to be a trainer for Ideal University summer camp.

Alumni Activities:

Pre-Departure Orientation English as a Foreign Language (EFL):

EFL summer camp was organized by American Councils (AC) and American Language Center (ALC). The program started on the 6th of July in Chisinau. Aliona Gorenco '94, EFL program supervisor , Irina Nicorici '99 FLEX Program Coordinator, Natalia Andreev '07, the program coordinator and her logistic assistants Andrei Cusnir '07, Sanda Barba '08 and Victoria Mihalachi, '06 were in charge of organizing different entertaining activities and English courses that will bring the students closer to American culture, were they can interact with their mentors and become more confident before they hit the road to America. Fourteen mentors helped the students work on their power point country presentations.

The most popular activities during EFL were American picnics and the 4th of July party. The picnic was organized in American style, with barbecue, hot dogs, peanut butter and marshmallows. The participants also had the opportunity to have a pizza and "placinta"(traditional Moldovan food) party.

The program ended on the 23rd of July with a Farewell party where the participants could show what they learned during a month.

(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)


Re-entry Seminar for  FLEX '09:

Re-entry Seminar took place in Chisinau on 17th of July at U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center.Cristina Poleacovschi '05 and Irina Nicorici '99 organized the event with the help of local FLEX alumni: Dan Donici '08, Iulia Pislaru '08 and Ecaterina Lutisina '08. Overall the thirty one FLEX alumni present at the seminar assisted to seven sessions conducted by Cristina Poleacovschi '05, Olesea Brinza '06, Irina Nicorici '96 and David Jesse.

The new FLEX alumni learned about what changed expected them at home and how to deal with it, what a reverse cultural chock means and what new opportunities the have in the alumni community. During the sessions they were welcomed back by Sharon Ketchum, the Assistant Public Affair Officer. Ludmila Bilevschi, the director of Alumni Resource Center and Mariana Chiriacov, the Information Resource Center presented useful information about both centers and encouraged the new alumni to use it. The seminar ended with a pizza party and making the Traveling Flag.


(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)


Clean up in Straseni:

Olesea Brinza FLEX '06, Ruxanda Barba FLEX '06 and Cristina Poleacovschi '05 organized a clean up day in Straseni on the 24th of July.  Twenty active FLEX alumni participated in the event.

The clean up took place at a local Straseni park.  The place is usually dirty from people leaving all the trash after having picnics. It is not the first time the alumni have organized this type of activity in Straseni. Last year a group of FLEX alumni  organized the same event in Straseni. From locals' feedback clean up the park was a good example and also people could enjoy their time in a cleaner place.

It is important to do such small activities not only because we need the places around us to be cleaner and to protect the environment, but also to give people an example of volunteering and working for the community. The clean up was followed by a wonderful picnic where the alumni socialized and remembered old good time in USA!

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*We will be happy to get more success stories from you, so, feel free to contact our FLEX Alumni Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi at: flexalumni.moldova@gmail.com



August Report


Alumni Successes:

Artiom Iacunin '03 has graduated from Riga Graduate School of Law, Public International Law and Human Rights

Ana Plugaru '05 was selected to be a facilitator for the Open World program.

Alexandru Godorja '07 was selected as a treasurer for the project- Democratic Elections in ASEM Students Senate.

Natalia Andreev '07 and Doina Colac '09 were selected to participate in the CUC (Ce? Unde? Cind?) intelectual game organized by the Moldovan Club of Intelectual Games.

Roma Sorocan '09 was a LADOM observer during the Parliament elections.

Corina Bogdan '09 (Orhei), Valentina Casina '09 (Edinet), Cristina Caraus '09 (Soroca), Alina Diacenco '09 (Anenii Noi), Veronica Eremia '09 (Cahul), Dorin Gaibu '09 (Ceadir Lunga), and Lidia Sanduleac '09 (Ungheni) were selected as FLEX City Representatives.

Alumni Activities:

Vadul lui Voda Retreat.

Alexei Ciuperca '98 and Andrei Cusnir '07 participated in the retreat organized by Alexandru Gonta, UGRAD alumnus and Daniela Munca, MUSKIE alumna at Vadul lui Voda on the 1st of August. It was a small reunion for all the USG sponsored scholarships programs alumni. The retreat included a Career Development program where the alumni shared their experience about getting hired at companies like Orange, Microsoft, and American Councils. In the evening the alumni organized a team building activity and decided that this type of activity should definitely take place more often.

Ideal university:

"Ideal University" is a summer course for the senate of three universities Academy of Economics Studies, State University and UCCM.  The third edition of this course took place at Vadul Lui Voda and started on 27th of July and ended on the 2nd of August.Olesea Brinza '06, Mihaela Ciocanu '05, Ana Chirita '04 and Lilia Fusa '04 were the trainers of the course. The Ideal University gathered fifty participants and its goal was to train the students on democratic practices for their university senates elections.  Dan Donici '08 and Alexandru Godoroja '07 participated at the course and from their feedbacks the course was very helpful and interesting.

Change Summer Camp:

Ecaterina Lutisina '08 (Balti) and Daria Ursol '08 (Soroca) organized a summer camp for the "Drumul spre Casa" center for social vulnerable children (Balti) and Azimut center (Soroca). Olesea Branza '06 (Tiraspol), Marina Buciuc  '07, Natalia Croitor '09 (Anenii Noi), Dan Donici '08, Olesea Fortuna '96, Sergiu Railean '08, Roman Sorocan '09 were the trainers of the program. Peace Corps volunteers and Outdood Leadrship Center contributed for the project to be a success. The main activites organized during the camp were: team building, football games, clubs(art, theatre and dances), psychology sessions and other useful leadership activities. The children were satisfied and the organizers encourage the summer camp to take place again next year.

Projecting Bridges Between Us (BBU):

Cristina Poleacovschi '05 and Olga Zolotco UGRAD '08, the project coordinators organized a meeting for the BBU facilitators. The meeting took place at the Alumni Resource Center on the 20th of August. Artiom Iacunin '03, Angela Motpan '07, and Polina Ceastuhina UGRAD '09, the facilitators of the project were presented an outline of the project. At the meeting the alumni analyzed the former BBU and brainstormed how to make the project better. In the end they came to the conclusion that the main general trainings for the project should be: My Community, Project Management (twice), Career Development, and Healthy Lifestyle. Also important organizational BBU project activities decisions were made. The meeting ended with a small pizza party.

City Representative Train the Trainers(TtT):

Cristina Poleacovschi, the FLEX Alumni Coordinator opened the City Representatives position on the 10th of August. Corina Bogdan '09 (Orhei), Valentina Casina '09 (Edinet), Cristina Caraus '09 (Soroca), Alina Diaconu '09 (Anenii Noi), Veronica Eremia '09 (Cahul), Dorin Gaibu '09 (Ceadir Lunga), and Lidia Sanduleac '09 (Ungheni) were selected as FLEX City Representatives.

The meeting took place at Alumni Resource Center and the representatives were introduced to their position tasks and were taught how to write a professional email, write an event report and how to organize a project. The representatives planned to apply for the $3000 Alumni Grant at the end of the year .

Hiking at the Curchi Monastery:

Olesea Brinza '06, The Central Region Representative has organized a tour at the Curchi Monastry on the . Natalia Andreev'06, Sanda Barba '08, Artiom Iacunin'03, Cristina Poleacovschi '05, Victoria Tataru '01 and other USG sponsored scholarships alumni have participated in the event. Outdoor Leadership Center facilitated the event. The trip started with a visit at the beautiful Curchi Monastry followed by a six km hike through the Moldova woods. During the hike the alumni participated in a team building activity and had a small picnic. At the end of the trip the team visited a boar farm and the Alexandru Donici museum house.

Basketball Game in Chisinau

Olesea Brinza '06, The Central Region Representative gathered FLEX and UGRAD alumni for a sports event on the 30th of August.The game took place at a local sports center and the eleven alumni present there divided into two teams. Initially the event was planned for a basketball game, still the teams decided to play a soccer game also. After the game the alumni went to Anenii Noi where they worked on planning of the "Best Buddies" educational project for an orphanage in Chisinau.

Sports event in Cahul:

On August 27, 2009, when Moldova celebrates its Independence Day the Alumni Board organized a sports tournament in Cahul.Lilia Fusa '04, Teo Graur '05,and  Diana Vicol '09 organized the activity.

At the event the participants had the opportunity to choose one of the three sports: ping-pong, chess, and volleyball. Every sport station was assigned a professional referee and the tournament begun. Meanwhile, the younger children had the opportunity to play and draw under the supervision of a project volunteer. At the end of the tournament, the winners were awarded certificates and prizes (Moldovan Flags).

During this event, alumni also made plans for the next event, the Southern region Alumni Summit, which will take place in September. They also discussed about ways of improving the participation of other alumni who are not active in the community.

*We will be happy to get more success stories from you, so, feel free to contact our FLEX Alumni Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi at: flexalumni.moldova@gmail.com



October Report


Success Stories:


Natalia Andreev '07 was selected as the Director of Communication for the Alumni Board.


Valentina Brega '04 was hired for European Management Solutions.


Andrei Cusnir '07, Viorel Dilion '08 , and Dan Donici '08 were chosen as the best FLEX alumni at the Alumni Congress.

Cristina Druta '08 was selected to be the Secretary for the Alumni Board.

Alexandru Godorja '07 was selected to be the Treasurer for the Alumni Board.

Dorin Hamuraru '09 and his high school team placed the 3rd at the "Do you speak European?"Contest.

Cristina Poleacovschi '05 was selected as the American Councils FLEX Alumni Coordinator of the month.

Lidia Sanduleac '09 placed the third at the Regional Track Competition

Alumni Activities:

Clean up in Ungheni:

On the 6th of October a group of volunteers accompanied by Lidia Sanduleac '09, Ungheni City Representative cleaned up a regional park in Ungheni. Volunteers brought posters saying : " Recycle!" , "Go Green",  "Use the Trash Cans!" and taped them on the trees. Students worked hard and Ana Podaru , a local volunteer mentioned "We should have a clean up every 24th day of the month , because the Mother-Earth gets a month older on that date." As trash bags , volunteers brought used plastic bags. The activity was followed by a discussion over a movie at American Corner in Ungheni.


English Classes at an Orphanage in Orhei:

Corina Bogdan '09, Orhei City Representative and Dumitrita Doaga '09 (Orhei) has started teaching English at an orphanage in Orhei on the 7th of October. It is a long term project that the alumni have planned on doing. At the beginning of the project the students were given notebooks and pencils for their classes. The set was offered by the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center.

October was the month the alumni helped the children from the orphanage with their basic English skills. The alumni aimed to help the children because their English knowledge is poor. The project will continue until the end of the school year 2009-2010 and will take place once a week for an hour.  As a result 40 students will improve their English skills.

Berko Lake Clean up in Edinet:

On October 10, a clean up of the lake "Berkino"  took place in Edinet. The event was organized and coordinated by Valentina Casina'09, Edinet City Representative and Roman Sorocan'09Anastasia Ciumac '09, Pavel Florea'09 and eight NGO "Junii" volunteers took part in the activity.

The clean up took place in the lake "Berkino" area-the most popular rest area in the Edinet city. Every summer many people spend their time swimming and tanning on the lake's shore. The place is usually dirty from people leaving all the trash after having picnics. Alumni decided to organize this project not only to clean the area, but also to show people how important is to protect the environment and give an example of volunteering and working for the community.

One of the participants said: ".Volunteering today, showed me how dirty is this place and how it turned to be very hard to make it clean again. I promise after this activity, I will never leave the trash in here and will ask my friends to do the same!"

After the event the alumni socialized and shared their stories about American life with volunteers. "Curierul de Edinet", local newspaper, published the article describing the event.


Alumni Congress:

On the 17th of October the 7th Alumni Congress took place in Chisinau. Around 270 alumni of different USG sponsored scholarships including FLEX were present at the event. During the event the alumni brainstormed ideas for possible community projects for the next year. Andrei Cusnir '07, Viorel Dilion '08, and Dan Donici '08 were given The Best Alumni Award. At the end of the event all the alumni voted for the 2009-2010 Alumni Congress Council. Natalia Andreev '07 was elected to be the Communication Director, Cristina Druta '08 was elected to be the Secretary and Alexandru Godoroja '07 was elected as Treasurer.

(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)


Clean-Up in Ceadir-Lunga:

Dorin Gaibu'09, Ceadir Lunga City Representative and Ciprian Mocanu'09 (Cimislia) organized a clean up in Ceadir Lunga followed up by a picnic on the 19th of October. Eight local volunteers participated in the project- all of them students from "Orizont" high school. "Orizont" high school administration provided with transportation and some project materials.

The project was chosen by the alumni because it was necessary to clean-up that place in the city, where most of the people come for picnics and leave a lot of garbage. The volunteers collected 12 bags of trash and they made sure in the future people can come and enjoy their time.

Bridges Between Us Project Management Session:

On the 24th of October another session of Bridges Between Us took place for the '08 and '09 alumni. The session entitled Project Management part 1 included  three main trainings: Leadership and Team Management, conducted by David Jesse, How to make a Research, conducted by Patricia Ciorici, Muskie alumna  and Training, Seminar, Workshop Management conducted by Cristina Poleacovschi '05. At the beginning of the session the BBU teams had to present their homework in the most environmental way possible. Being environmental friendly is an important part of taking the final decision on the best BBU team. During this session the team started to get to know each other better and work together closer. Since they learned how to make a seminar/training during the session, the teams will need to do a presentation during the International Education Week as homework.

Fun Activities at a Community Center in Cahul:

Veronica Eremia '09 organized fun activities starting with 28th of October at the community center in Colibasi. The event was offered to the children that come from poor families. The event was held with the help of 5 students from "Vasile Alecsandri" lyceum. The day included fun games including teaching interesting information about USA and a movie party sponsored by Ana Eremia, the director of the center. The activities were held for 4 days. Children said that such a big activity put a smile on their faces.


Best Buddies Halloween:

Marina Buciuc '07 and Cristina Poleacovschi '05 participated in organizing Halloween for the Boarding School Number 2 from Chisinau. The event is a part of the Best Buddies project leaded by UGRAD alumni and it took place on the 29th of October. The organizers decorated the room in a Halloween style and rented costumes for both the children and volunteers. During the event the children played fun games and took a lot of pictures since they were impressed by their costumes. Natalia Andreev '07 took interviews from the children and made a short movie on the event as a project for her Video Courses. From children's feedbacks the event was a success since they said it's important to get attention not only on Christmas but during other holidays also.

(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)

Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Scavenger Hunt:

Marina Buciuc '07, Mihaela Ciocanu '05, Teo Graur '05, Dorin Hamuraru '09, Ecaterina Lutisina '08, Cristina Poleacovschi '05, Victoria Tataru '01, and Daria Ursol '08 (Soroca)participated in the Halloween Pumpkin Carving organized on the 30th of October at the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center (ARC). The alumni had a competition for the best pumpkin decided by the ARC staff.

The event was followed by a Scavenger Hunt around Chisinau and Trick or Treating. Fifteen alumni divided into 3 teams had to Trick or Treat the American Language Center at American Councils and run for their Scavenger Hunt downtown Chisinau. The winning team got tickets for a movie, the second team won tickets to the theatre and the last team won chocolates. The teams decided that next year the Halloween should keep up like this and maybe be organized even in a corn field.

(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)

*We will be happy to get more success stories from you, so, feel free to contact our FLEX Alumni Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi at: flexalumni.moldova@gmail.com



December Report


Success Stories:

Natalia Andreev '07 has successfully completed the Southeast Media and TV Training.

Cristina Caraus '09 was elected as the member of the Regional Junior Council of Soroca.

Dorin Hamuraru '09 won the Chisinau debate competition "Problemele Comunitatii pot fi solutionate prin implicarea tinerilor" (Teenagers Problems can be Solved with Teenagers' Involvement).

Dorin Hamuraru '09 placed the second at the "The Best Debate Speakers" contest in Chisinau.

Dorin Hamuraru '09 places the first the Ciocana (Chisinau district) English Olympiad.

Cristina Poleacovschi '05 participated at the International Association of Civil Engineers Students conference that took place in Istanbul.

Alumni Activities:

Stress Effects Seminar:

Natalia Andreev '07 organized the "Un somn linistit-un examen reusit"(A silent sleep-a successful exam) social campaign at the State University of Moldova. The campaign took place between the 30th of November and the 12th of December and was dedicated to the students so they can get ready better for the winter exams. During the campaign Natalia Andreev '07 and the students from the Journalism faculty hanged posters about stress effects, published handouts and organized a movie night. The goal of the campaign was to prevent stress before exams so that the students would earn better grades. The handouts included statistical data about stress and its consequences on brain performance. As a result five hundred students were informed about the topic and were better prepared to pass the exams.

Christmas Party at the Orhei Orphanage:

This December Corina Bogdan '09 and Dumitrita Doaga '09 continued the English classes at the Orhei orphanage. The alumni aimed to help the children, because they lacked good English skills. The goals were partially met, because there is still work needed for their English skills to improve. The project will continue until the end of the school year, once a week for an hour.  The alumni trained around forty students. This month as a part of the project the alumni organized a Christmas party on the 23rd December for the children from the orphanage. The party included Christmas carols followed by a pizza party. The children didn't expect a surprise party and that got them really excited about it.

Youth AIDS Seminar in Anenii Noi:

Alina Diacenco '09, the Anenii Noi City Representative organized the Youth AIDS seminar on the 4th of December. Twenty two high school students gathered to learn about HIV infection - a significant problem among Anenii Noi residents. The project took place at "M. Eminescu" high school in Anenii Noi where students watched a Power Point presentation about the HIV effects. Moreover they were informed how to protect themselves and what to do in case of infection. The goal of the project was to help teenagers become better prepared for the future life and know how to act in certain situations. As a result the students got informed and in this way they are ready to make a difference about the HIV problem - a worldwide issue.

Winter Charity Bazaar:

On the 5th of December, the 13th edition of the Winter Charity Bazaar was organized in Moldova. The International Women Fund of Moldova, the organizers of the event, brought partners, donors and volunteers to contribute to the charity. Peace Corps and foreign embassies participate at the bazaar every year. The money fundraised from selling different countries traditional souvenirs and food goes to charity.

Natalia Andreev '07, Dorin Hamuraru '08, Ana Plugaru '05, Sergiu Raileanu '08, and Daria Ursol '09 volunteered at the event. They participated in preparing the event and selling lottery tickets. Natasa Andreev '07 and  Dorin Hamuraru '08 interviewed the alumni who participated at the bazaar and will publish the final article about the event in the Alumni News. The winter charity bazaar was a good opportunity for a Christmas Fundraising but also for the Flex alumni to get together.

Ride Planet Earth in Edinet:

On the 6th of December a seminar about importance of being environment-friendly was implemented in Edinet. Being inspired of Ride Planet Earth Events-the story of a journey to start Cycle Change and stop Climate Change (http://rideplanetearth.org) Flex Alumni decided to organize a seminar and to invite volunteers from different schools to watch the "Planet Earth" movie. The event was organized and coordinated by Valentina Casina'09(Edinet City Representative) with the help of Roman Sorocan'09. Two Flex Alumni Anastasia Ciumac '09, Pavel Florea'09, 12 students (from lyceum D. Cantemir, School #1, lyceum Pan Halipa, lyceum M. Eminescu and 7 NGO "Junii" volunteers took part in this activity.

During the seminar Valentina Casina'09 and Roman Sorocan'09 talked about existence of many environmental problems that lead to Climate Change. They emphasized the importance of being environment- friendly by the means of reducing, reusing and recycling (RRR) .Flex alumni offered to watch the movie "Planet Earth", that was in English, but had Romanian sub-titles in order to be understandable for everybody. The movie had a big impact on students; some of them took CD copies and decided to watch "Planet Earth" together with parents and friends.

Anatoli Moroz, NGO "Junii" volunteer said: "It made me want to go and plant a flower or tree. That will be the first thing I'll do when I get home."

Local CPT "Salve" offered the place where students were offered the refreshments. Newspaper of lyceum D. Cantemir published an article describing this event.

Ride Planet Earth in Soroca:

The Ride Planet Earth seminar took place in Soroca, on the 7th of December. The seminar covered the environmental problems "How can we make a difference?!" discussion. Cristina Caraus '09 and Ana Dragan '09 organized the event at which twenty-two high school students and a teacher participated. The discussion of the environment issues and pollution included a brainstorming for the ideas that can solve the existing world situation. The result of the activity is that the students got acquainted with the pollution problems around the world and they follow to spread the awareness around.

Soroca Christmas Fundraising:

A Fundraising Project took place in Soroca during the 21st of December and 24th December. Ursol Daria '08 and Caraus Cristina '09 organized the event with the help of other twenty local volunteers. The project included three main parts: taking pictures with Santa in the high school, organizing a all-winners lottery and organizing the clothes and toys donation for the Azimut orphanage. The money from taking the pictures and selling the lottery tickets went to buying presents, candies and chocolates for the children. Afterwards the FLEX alumni, the volunteers including the director of the "C.Stere" lyceum followed by Santa Claus went to the Azimut orphanage and gave away the fundraised donations. The children were thankful as the event brought a Christmas spirit in their souls.

Best Buddies Christmas:

On the 24th of December Andrei Cusnir '07 and a group of UGRAD students celebrated Christmas at the Boarding School 2 in Chisinau. The event is also a part of the Best Buddies project that includes a Computer, English, Leadership and Drama club at the school.

The volunteers came up with a Christmas program for the children and with the money raised for the event they bought presents. Andrei Cusnir '07 was Santa Claus and he was the one to give away the presents, play with the children and take pictures. The event ended with a dinner, playing games and listening toChristmas music.

Eco Grant Training:

On the 28th December, six Bridges Between Us (BBU) team representatives participated in a training for Grant Writing at the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center (ARC). Ludmila Bilevschi, the director of ARC conducted the training for the alumni. Corina Bogdan '09, Veronica Eremia '09, Dmitri Gramatchi '09, Ecaterina Lutisina '08, Roman Sorocan '09 and Daria Ursol '08 were present at the training. One of the BBU requirements for each team is to organize a cleanup project. The cleanup projects will be sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and the alumni need to submit a separate proposal in order to obtain the funds. At the training Ludmila Bilevschi gave the alumni tips on how to submit a successful proposal and directed them through each step of the application. The deadline for submitting the application is the next BBU session which will take place in January.

*We will be happy to get more success stories from you, so, feel free to contact our FLEX Alumni Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi at: flexalumni.moldova@gmail.com





January Report


Success stories:


Corina Bogdan '09 placed the 1st at the Alecu Russo high school English Olympiad and 2nd at the high school  Biology Olympiad.


Mihaela Ciocanu '05 was accepted for the Consultant Social Problems position at the World Bank Moldova.


Lidia Sanduleac '09 won a Studies Abroad exchange scholarship that placed her in Sibiu for a week.


Lidia Sanduleac '09 placed the 1st at the V.Alecsandri high school English Olympiad.


Roman Sorocan '09 placed the 1st at the Edinet high school English Olympiad.




"Donate a book to the library!" in Edinet:

Valentina Casina'09, Anastasia Ciumac'09 and Roman Sorocan'09 organized the 10 day fundraising campaign that started on the 11th of January as a part of the Bridges Between Us project. The alumni used the idea that the most important "treasure" is knowledge and this is why they decided to fundraise books and donate them to the local library, instead of fundraising money.

The idea of fundraising came from the team's experience. Since a lot of books are not available online the alumni went to the library to get ready for their exams. The alumni were told that the library doesn't have the books they needed, since many books were lost or some of them were not returned by students. Therefore they decided to address this problem to the schools and start a fundraising campaign. Multiple articles were published with the call to donate books to the local library. Team representatives gathered books from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm every day. Many students and teachers responded to the call and as a result 115 books were donated to the local library.


Movie Night at ARC:

On the 20th of January  around 10 alumni and non-alumni attended the Movie Night that took place  at U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center. Initially the alumni planed to watch "Hotel Rwanda"- a movie based on the African 1994 genocide, but because of some technical problems they switched to "The Island" movie. "The Island" has a slight connection to the organ trafficking problem that is a big issue for Moldova. The alumni had a discussion about the problem and mentioned some sad facts about organ trafficking in Moldova. The Movie Night was not only a fun activity spent in an American style with popcorn and soda, but also a good opportunity for the alumni to talk about the project they are involved in and possible future ideas. The alumni decided they need to repeat the activity and insisted that next time they meet "Hotel Rwanda" will be a must- see.


Fundraising in Colibasi:

On the 21st of January, Veronica Eremia'09 together with students from her high school in v. Colibasi organized a fundraising event called "Give and you will receive back tenfold". Veronica Eremia '09 together with students from her high school combined an American tradition to their fundraising campaign.  Organizers went caroling around the city, singing U.S. and Moldavian songs as they asked community members to donate money to help children from low-income families in the city. The children were very happy to see the gifts and that somebody did something special to make them happy for Christmas.


Rock Charity Concert:

The Chisinau BBU team arranged a fundraising rock concert for children with disabilities from the Speranta Center. Dorin Hamuraru'09, Ecaterina Lutisina '08, and Sergiu Railean '08 organized the event. Natalia Andreev '07 (Straseni), Alexandru Godoroja  '07, Cristina Poleacovschi '05, Roman Sorocan '09 (Edinet), and Daria Ursol '08 (Soroca) together with two UGRAD alumni organized the event, which hosted over 350 alumni and community members at the 50/50 Club.  Six local rock bands volunteered to participate at the concert, among them Sergiu Railean '08's band In Fall. The concert took place on the 22nd of January and brought in over $600 to financially assist with the organization of a journalism summer camp for children with disabilities. Alumni, ecstatic about the success of the project plan on holding an even larger event, possibly rock a festival with the help of the larger FLEX alumni community.


(*The pictures are available in our Photo Gallery)


Balkan Case Challenge and Global Village Presentation:

Cristina Poleacovschi has organized a presentation of the Balkan Case Challenge Competition and Global Village summer camp. The presentation took place at The U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center on the 28th of January. Andrei Cusnir '07, Dorin Hamuraru '09, Ecaterina Lutisina '08, and Ala Merjdanov'99 were the FLEX alumni that were present at the Global Village presentation. Cristina Poleacovschi explained the alumni how they can get a scholarship and presented the advantages of the summer school. Irina Aga, the Local Balkan Case Challenge Coordinator explained the UGRAD and FLEX alumni present at the event about the Business, IT and Law competition that takes place locally and then internationally in Viena. Most of the alumni decided they will apply for the Balkan Case Challenge Competition that will take place in April in Chisinau.


English Club at "Speranta":

Marina Buciuc '08 and Andrei Cusnir '08 started an English club at the Chisinau based Speranta center that hosts children with disabilities. The project is aimed to be long term and has two main goals:  teach the students English that will be helpful for their future career and also encourage them to apply for FLEX next year. The English Club is organized once a week for two groups of students-an intermediate and a beginners club. There are around ten students that participate in the club and that were tested in December. The alumni have had strong experience with their assistant position during the EFL summer camp and also went through training classes from American Language Center teachers before the club activity began. The project has the goal to have native speakers as invitees every month and organize special celebrations for traditional holidays.


*We will be happy to get more success stories from you, so, feel free to contact our FLEX Alumni Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi at: flexalumni.moldova@gmail.com



March Report


Success Stories:

Natalia Andreev '07 - was the designer of americancouncils.md this year.  The website won the Web Top Award for the best Education website (http://webtop.md/) in Moldova.

Valentina Casina '09 won the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center for organizing a cleanup event in Edinet.

Veronica Eremia '09 won the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center for organizing a cleanup event in Cahul.

Alexandru Godoroja '07 won the GYSD grant for organizing a planting tree event in Chisinau.

Lidia Sanduleac '09 won the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center for organizing a cleanup event in Ungheni.

Daria Ursol '09 won the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center for organizing a cleanup event in Soroca.




English Classes at "Speranta" Center:

Marina Buciuc '07 and Andrei Cusnir '07 has started volunteering as teachers at Speranta center for physically challenged children on March 1. Every Saturday the alumni organize the activity for one hour and a half for 12 students. The beginners club is lead by Andrei Cusnir '07 and the intermediate one is lead by Marina Buciuc '07. They prepare games, practice reading articles from recent American newspapers so that the students can have a taste of "real" English and do grammar exercises. Monthly, the alumni plan to invite a guest speaker, preferably a native English speaker and this month Daniel Vicario, an exchange student to Moldova was the first guest speaker for the project. Daniel told the students about his home and his college life back in the States, explained some of the traditions of his family and shared his impressions of his experience in Russia and Moldova. The children enjoyed talking to Daniel and the following week they kept asking when they would have a guest speaker again. The English classes at "Speranta" is a long term project and has the goal to increase the participants chances in obtaining a job and their chances for the FLEX competition.


Model United Nation in Moldova:

Alexandru Godoroja '07, Mihai Popsoi '05, Olga Bogdan, UGRAD '09 and Tatiana Juravscaia, UGRAD '09 have started Model United Nations in Moldova on March 3 at U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center. The projectaimed to develop a greater awareness of the complexities of the world's problems, the need to find cooperative solutions, and the important role that the U.N. plays in the search for these solutions. The project included a 6-week learning forum about the United Nations structure, role, rules of procedure and resolution writing, negotiations and public speaking, diplomatic strategies and bloc politics through sessions/trainings/video conference during March that will be applied afterwards in the Security Council simulation.  The project is targeted towards 30 university students and the delegates will, thus, engage in a simulation of the United Nations system by learning about global diplomacy through the lens of current issues and challenges.

Alexandru Godoroja '07, the Web Design Responsible has created the Model United Nations Moldova blog (http://munmd.wordpress.com/) so the event is better advertised and constantly updated for participants to get informed better. Mihai Popsoi '05, the Conference Responsible has conducted the Lifecycle of decisions at the United Nations session on March 13 and will be responsible for the big event- Security Council Simulation that will take place in Chisinau starting with April 15.

International Women Day in Balti:

March 8 the International Day of Women was a special day for the local orphanage in Balti. Olga Cobilas '09 and 8 volunteers from the "George Cosbuc" high school made a surprise to the children from the orphanage and organized a small event for the girls. They organized a fundraising of dresses for the girls as a sign of celebrating Women's Day.

At the orphanage the volunteers have planned a big event dedicated to the women. They have organized different painting games, fun games and the special part of the event was at the end when the boys have recited poetries for the ladies. The strong part of the project is that Olga Cobilas '09 has made it sustainable and she has visited the orphanage frequently. This has made the children happy and got them closer to the volunteers.


Chisinau-Taskent Video Conference:

Natalia Andreev '07, Andrei Cusnir '07, Lilia Fusa '04,  Dorin Hamuraru '09 and  Angelica Motpan '07 took part in the conference organized at the Alumni Resource Center by the Muskie alumna Daniela Munca on March 18.

The Conference started with a short presentation of each alumni and their field of activity. After that, Lilia Fusa '04 talked about annual projects and events that take place in the Moldovan alumni community. Natalia Andreev '07 was the next one to present her activity and contribution to the community. Beside the activism in a lot of alumni Projects, her main role is to conduct and to organize the Alumni Newsletter. It is an important instrument that keeps the community informed with the most recent activities that take place in the alumni community from the whole country. Natalia spoke about the evolution of the newspaper saying that from its first black and white edition it became now a well designed and with a professional touch to its structure and it is a tool that is uniting approximately 3000 alumni.  Mariana Oprea, an UGRAD alumni and the Logistics Assistant for Business for Youth 2010 edition spoke about the Business for Youth Project. It is organized by the FLEX community and is designed for students who are willing to develop their abilities and skills in the field of business. It is a big opportunity for the 25 participant to advance their knowledge in business development and initiation, business plan management, financial support and marketing with several professional trainers who have a tremendous professional background and experience. The best business plan in the end will be awarded and the winners will get free business consulting for their future business initiation. Angela Motpan '07 continued the presentation with the annual Bridges Between Us Project organized for fresh FLEX alumni returned from the US. The goal of the Project is to prepare the alumni with the necessary for them skills in the project management and career development. Dorin Hamuraru '09 is the one who successfully finished the BBU Project and already implemented his and his teammate's idea in practice. Together with his BBU team he organized the Rock Charity Concert oriented  in the benefit for children with disabilities from the "Speranta Center". The Concert united approximately 300 people. All the funds from the event will go for the summer camp of Journalism for children with disabilities from "Speranta Center". Andrei Cusnir '07 talked about the English Club Project that takes place at the moment and is oriented also for children with disabilities from "Speranta" Center. The Objective of the Project is to increase students knowledge in English so they can apply and participate in FLEX and for their future carriers.

Alumni Community from Uzbekistan also shared their ideas and Projects that are developing their region. The event was very interesting in its way because it motivated alumni from both sides to contribute to the alumni community and far beyond its borders. It strengthened the relationship between alumni from both countries and contributed to further development in both regions and to intercultural exchange.


Business for Youth (BFY) 3rd Edition Planning and Promotion:

Natalia Andreev '07, Communication Manager, Andrei Cusnir '07, Logistics Assistant,  Alexandru Godoroja '07, Project Coordinator, Cristina Poleacovschi '05, Administrative Coordinator and Olesea Fortuna '96, BFY Consultant have initiated the promotion period of BFY 3rd edition on March 24. The team has planned the trainings of Business Start Up, Business Plan Writing, Strategic Management, Project Management, and Financial Management, Finance your Business, Smart Marketing, Business Writing and New Forms of Competition that will take place in April for 25 students. The team has initiated the Promo period for late March and included: creating a Facebook group, BFY blog (http://bfy2010.wordpress.com/), USG sponsored scholarships alumni website (http://usalumni.md/ ), spreading BFY posters at the local universities, creating a banner and advertising it through other social networks in Moldova. The alumni have initiated the application process and organized weekly meeting for planning the event better. The team has recruited business professionals among which Fulbright alumni, FinComBank, American Councils, Peace Corps, World Bank Moldova, and Nestle managers. The team has finished the planning process and is getting ready for organizing the logistics and the Opening Event for BFY on April 17.


Beautiful Saturday for Physically Challenged Children:

On March 27 Natalia Andreev '07, Andrei Cusnir '07, Cristina Poleacovschi '05 and Sergiu Railean '08 have organized a special day for 10 physically challenged children from "Speranta" Center. Before the event the alumni fundraised supplies and games for the children and decided to make a surprise for them. They organized a panel where the alumni shared their American experience to the children. The discussion was in English since the children are trying to improve their English skills. Alumni brought pictures in order to make their presentations more interesting and bought cookies and juice to make the day more special. At the end of the event the alumni gave out the fundraised supplies and games and divided the team into two and competed for the best making puzzle team. That was fun both for alumni and for the children. The alumni came up with the idea to organize a movie night at U.S Embassy Alumni Resource Center in April.

Easter Celebration at "Azimut" Orphanage:

On March 31 Daria Ursol '08 has organized a Easter Celebrating event for her "Constantin Stere" high school and the "Azimut" orphanage of Soroca. Daria and 10 students of the high school gathered together to paint Easter eggs. Each class from the 4th to the 10th gave their best designed egg that was given later to the "Azimut" orphanage.  Besides making this a big event in the school, Daria and her volunteers have tried to make it as special as possible for the children from Azimut so they made posters and prepared fun games. The children were very happy both about the Easter present and that the volunteers organize events like this each holiday.




The call

On March 19th, 2012, at 16:05 I got a phone call. I recognized the woman on the phone. She told me to sit down in case I would get emotional. Then she told me those words that I had been dreaming to hear for months. I was finally told the words I was so desperately waiting for: “Congratulations! You are a FLEX FINALIST! You are going to America”. After that call, my life has changed. Everything suddenly became the start of a journey I would never forget. And here I am, one night before I will get on my plane back to reality. It seems only yesterday I arrived in USA, and now, looking at the suitcases in my room, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I feel so proud to be a FLEX student. The FLEX program gave me a chance to fulfill my dreams, a chance to learn and teach, a chance to develop, a chance to find myself. I am so grateful to FLEX because I was given the opportunity to discover a whole new world, to learn from my own mistakes, to become more independent. It was a challenge at first, because I have a twin sister and we are very close. I was afraid that I would not make it on my own, since we have always been together. But I think this experience has taught me to be more independent and how to take decisions by myself. I learned to risk and be open to new things, make the first step and not be afraid to show people who I truly am. While being here in the US, I have done things I would never have the courage or opportunity to do back home. I have never practiced running before, but I did cross country for the first time and I did not quit, though it was the hardest challenge in my life! I participated in the school musical, which was again a completely new experience for me. I also auditioned for the Talent Show at school and that has been one of the scariest things I have ever done. I had never auditioned or performed on stage by myself and here, in the US, I got the confidence to try for the Talent Show in front of a large audience. I am so proud I did it, because I ended up being one of the 16 finalists and be the first exchange student in the Talent Show at my school. FLEX helped me appreciate more my own culture and country. I personally learned so much more about my own country from telling Americans about it, how cool is that? I realized how precious my home is and how lucky I am to be able to share my culture with others. Even though everybody says that, I do believe FLEX has changed my life in every possible way a life can be changed. I grew up as a person; I overcame difficulties; I became more independent; I became more self-confident. I think FLEX leaves a mark on each FLEX student’s life. No matter where I will go or what job I will have, I will always have something special in my life; I'll have my year in the US. We all have different stories and memories as FLEX students, but we will always have in common one thing: our American dream. FLEX made us all equal by giving us the chance to fulfill a dream.It's hard to explain the impact of the FLEX program in my life. I think it’s because words can't show how special this year has been.It's all because of the chance that FLEX gave me; all because of that phone call.


My American Dream

The time spent in the US has been amazing and unique for me. First of all, I want to thank the World Link team for doing such an extraordinary job to make my experience as bright and memorable as it can be.

My lifestyle has changed a lot since my arrival. Already, in six months I adapted to the American life and I feel that I belong here, like I have always been in America. This is a unique opportunity, and I thank God every day for this incredible year. It is like a sweet dream: I want to dream forever and I don’t want to wake up from it, but unfortunately, I will wake up one moment being at home, in my country. During this time, a lot of events and things happened. I never believed that in a year I could change that much. Now I do. I gained experience, and now I see the world through new sunglasses. My vision is different. Now I can see and do more. I can make a difference between the two amazingly different ways of living. I heard some inspirational words one time and I will remember them forever: “You can see things happening, or you can make things happen.” This is my mission now. I want to make things happen, I want to change things, and I want to put smiles on people’s faces. When I see smiles for the actions I’ve done, that’s the biggest and the highest reward that I can get in my life.

During my time spent here I observed that community services such as volunteering play a huge role in education and in social welfare, so I dedicated a lot of time volunteering. I love to do community service. I like to help people because people are the society and when the society is happy, people are happy. I volunteered for many groups and for my school. Some say that it is boring and hard. I say that it is worthwhile and fun. I got to socialize with other members of the society and had the chance to know their stories and experiences. Volunteering is an activity that impressed me a lot; people can work together to help others like a big family. It is one thing that I want to do and develop in my society back home. Just imagine how wonderful and great would be the life if everyone would help each other! I want to do some big volunteer work when I go back home through different projects for the school and society. I want the people to know that together, through hard work and passion, we can change the world and make it a heaven. I want to organize a campaign where, with the support of the administrative officials of the town and with the help of the youth from the local schools, show and promote to the society that the next generations of youth have strong ideas for the future.

I will bring back from the USA the experience and stories to tell that are true, and nothing but true. I will try to convince the youth through discussions about the impressions of the US lifestyle, about this great journey (maybe even quest for some of us) that if they try hard enough to achieve something, they would get it. I want to bring moral support to them. The key words are effort and hope. If they have hope in the goal that they want to pursue, and they make sure that they do everything that is possible to succeed, then youth may succeed in this big world and make each one a name. It is very important for me to bring to their minds that it is worth it to put everything in what they do, even daily, because that what is missing: a strong moral support and guidance. I think that the next generations of youth have a bright future, but sometimes they have to follow some examples and to learn life lessons from them. I can tell from my experience. I was told I would not succeed to be a finalist of the FLEX program. I was told, the challenge is too big to reach the success, but I never ever gave up. I knew what I wanted. I knew that my hard work would be rewarded. It will be a huge honor and pride to be an alumnus of this program; I am going for it.

During my stay in the US, I met a diversity of religions and races. I am amazed how diverse and unique they are. I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world like China, Indonesia, and Mexico. We shared stories about our countries and we continue to do so. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Regardless of the race or religion, we should respect individuals as ambassadors of their religion or race, as we, the exchange students are ambassadors. The USA confronts the problem of bullying people because of their race or practicing their religions. Intolerance is just not right. Race or creed doesn’t matter; the only things that matter is what you think, what you feel, and what you do. The USA hosts a huge diversity of all kinds. We do not have it in my country that much, but I wish we would. It is a privilege for me to see and to interact with various people because we find who we are, what we stand for, what is our attitude towards life itself.


I have a dream that one day the planet would breathe free from misunderstandings and conflicts, and the people all around the world will understand the meaning of their lives. That’s how we, the people, would build a perfect society. That’s leadership. I know the road to it is rough and hard, but it is worth it. Each individual is worth something.


How I lived in small town in the USA

This year I have spent in the USA in three small cities: Tescott, Sylvan Grove, and Lincoln, KS. All of them were small: Tescott had around 300 people in it, Sylvan grove had a little over 200 people, and Lincoln had 1000 people in it. I have lived with two different families. The first family of mine was a quiet family with strict rules. In their family did not show too many emotions to each other. I was trying to become friends with them anyways. The second family I lives with was opposite to them. They talked a lot during evening, did not have strict rules and I really felt there as if I was home. I truly loved that family. Both of those families made me think that American culture varies from family to family and from an area to another. Some things that were appropriate in my second family were inappropriate in my first host family. But I am glad that I have experience of living with two different kinds of people. It was an amazing opportunity to come to know American culture. American culture is very different from my culture at home. People in my culture do not respect each other’s personal space, interrupt each other, and communicate differently. Those things are inappropriate in American culture. Adjusting to American culture was sometimes tough, but I think I have managed to do it. Now I have a cultural shock while back home. School systems are extremely different. I have managed to become good friends with principal there and my business teacher. Every teacher respected my point of view and gave me the opportunity to express myself at classes. American culture has electives and you can study what you want. There is no such a thing in Moldovan school systems. This year I have studied English, American History, Journalism, Business Economics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business Essentials, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. They were fun! As you can see, I have taken many business classes. I have learned a lot during those classes and I did not have the opportunity to learn it in my home-country. I had three business classes, I loved the way they were taught and I read a lot of economics books during this year. My teacher was amazing at teaching them. At every class we had some kinds of projects and we were watching documentaries. And the class made me wonder when I first came in it: “Is it… Hogwarts?” I have learned a lot during the classes: how to save money, how to budget, how to take care of accounting work, and how to write a business plan. Sports are also a part of school system. The sports in the USA are much tougher. People care a lot about sports and even if they do not practice sports they go to the games to cheer for their school’s team. The sports events are very sociable and cheerful. They make you smile if you are sad. I have been a part of my volleyball team. I was pretty terrible at it. It was fun, though. Sometimes our coach was putting me in the game. Playing with the team was amazing. During the winter season I have been the manager for basketball team. Cheering for my team was amazing! And America school gave me the opportunity to be a part of school’s play. Volunteering is a big part of American society. My biggest volunteer project was volunteering at the rest home. Helping elderly people made me think a lot of my life and things I want to do before I die. Volunteering also helped me to come to know some great people. My activity director became my host mom. Living in American society helped me not only to understand people in America better. It also helped me to develop my social skills, and adaptability skills. I am glad I have been there.


FLEX Alumni Monthly Report October Moldova

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Book Drive at ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Lyceum:

On October 7 through October 9 Olga Gustiuc, FLEX alumna 13 organized a book drive in her school. It took place during recess on school days. 5 people participated, 1 alumni. Around 30 books were collected, 20 of them are for little kids. This activity was organized to promote literacy in orphanages, and to raise awareness of the low literacy percentage in Moldova. Around 30 people donated books, and around 10 wanted to help for the next activity. The books will be donated to a small orphanage where around 60 kids beneficiate from them.


City Rep Conference:

On October 13, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized the City Rep Conference for the freshly selected City Reps: Maria Mocanu, Olga Gustiuc, Liliana Luncari, Mihaela Petrov, Daniela Chilari, Ana Indoitu, Alina Zestrea, and Catalina Cucu. The City Reps were instructed on the views, goals, values of the FLEX program and the importance and duties of City Reps. They were instructed on how to fundraise, manage teams, organize events, and report on their activities. They were also given time to brainstorm on project ideas. The 4 regional City Reps were hosted overnight at a Hostel were they got to work more on their ideas and motivate each other to do better, greater activities. The goal of the conference was to instruct the City Reps and motivate them to do wonderful projects.


Lunch With PAX Coordinators:

On October 15, Ruxanda Barba ’08 and 9 other FLEX alumni joined 15 PAX Coordinators for lunch for 2 hours at the traditional restaurant called ‘La Taifas’. The (FLEX/PAX) alumni had the chance to catch up with their coordinators, teach them about the Moldovan culture, talk about readjusting, about future perspectives, about how their families and host-families were doing, and taste delicious traditional food and the famous Moldovan wine. The alumni were treated to American sweets they so much missed. This lunch meeting brought together the coordinators and alumni and strengthened the relations between them. All coordinators expressed deep interest in and desire of ‘getting’ a Moldovan exchange student in the Future. As a result, Natalia Cojuhari ’12 wrote an article which was published on the American Councils website about this experience.


Halloween Decoration at American Councils in Moldova:

On October 19, FLEX 13’ Olga Gustiuc organized a decorating activity. 5 people participated, 4 alumni: FLEX 13’ Catalina Cucu, FLEX 13’ Marina Balichin and FLEX 13’ Violeta Toncu. They decorated the American Councils’ office for Halloween. This activity had the goal to promote the American culture in Moldova through celebrating Halloween together.


Halloween Class Decoration at ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Lyceum:

On October 23, FLEX 13’Olga Gustiuc and 4 of her classmates decorated her classroom at the ‘Mihai Eminescu’ lyceum for Halloween, celebrating the American culture. The teachers were thrilled of this activity and some of them even helped with the decorating. There were a lot of questions asked about how Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., and there was held a discussion about these topics. All the students who had classes in that classroom had smiles on their faces and liked the decorations.


Instructive Seminar About Applying Abroad for Undergraduate Studies:

On October 24, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized a seminar about applying for universities abroad. The event lasted 1.5 hours at the American Resource Center in Moldova, and benefited 13 FLEX ’13 alumni who attended the event. Lubov Kovalenko from NYU AD attended the event as a guest speaker and provided information on the school and scholarship opportunities. Ruxanda talked about 6 schools In Europe and opportunities of financing studies. The attendees found the seminar very useful, and will be helped by the presenter throughout the application process. The importance of qualitative education was stressed and alumni seemed motivated to apply abroad.


Fulbright Scholar Speech:

On October 25, Cucu Catalina ’13 organized an event: The Fullbright Scholar Speech. She invited at a center for children with disabilities, a professor from USA, Richard Garret. Richard spoke about where he is from and the places he visited, also discussing the cultural differences from 3 pm till 4.30 pm. There were 20 children who came at this event along with two more other alumni: Olga Gustiuc, Flex ’13 and Catalina Turcanu, Flex ‘13. After the speech, the guests were served with traditional Moldovan food “placinte” and Richard received a thank you card from the students attending. The goal of this event was to promote American culture and tolerance by understanding cultural differences.


Clean-Up at the Elderly Home:

On October 24, Maria Mocanu FLEX ‘13 organized a cleaning activity for a local nursing home. There were 25 volunteers, non-FLEXers, students from 8th to 12th grade. Press was also present. Some people cleaned the territory, some planted tulips and others dug in the garden. Everyone worked for almost two hours because there were many things that needed to be done. After the cleaning was done the students chatted with some of the people who are staying at the nursing home. The students brought flowers to brighten those people’s day and make them feel special. However what really touched them was the conversation we all had and it was a lot of fun for participants to listen to their funny stories. By doing this activity the young generation proved it cares about the senior citizens, is willing to help them and even more. Also there were created some new relationships between the participants that may grow into strong friendships.


The American Party:

On October 26, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized an American Party at the ‘Spalatorie’ event venue. The event lasted 5 hours, involved 3 FLEX volunteers and 4 non-FLEX volunteers and benefited around 70 people. The event venue had two simultaneous events held in two separate rooms within the same venue. The movie room screened American copylefted independent films, while the second room hosted people who wanted to socialize. The second room also had decorations in the colors of American flags, it had an xbox people could play, 1 hour of live music played by 2 of the non FLEX volunteers who sang American classic rock songs, playing cards, and other attractions. The event was open for anyone to attend. It had the goal of spreading American culture and values among the Moldovan youth. The party was a success.


Halloween Party at ‘Speranta’ Center for Youth With Disabilities:


On October 28, Catalina Cucu, FLEX ‘13 organized Halloween for children with disabilities at the centre “Speranta”. There was also one more Flex Alumni ‘13, Olga Gustiuc that took part in this event. The Flex Alumni made a “Halloween box”. Just a simple box, which the children decorated with a carved pumpkin, bats and candies. There were 5 children that participated, the event lasted from 4pm till 5 pm, and everybody had a great time. The purpose of the event was to share American culture by celebrating Halloween.


Halloween Classroom Decoration at ‘Natalia Dadiani’ lyceum:

On October 29, Catalina Cucu, FLEX ‘13, along with 5 other volunteers from lyceum ‘Natalia Dadiani’, decorated the English class for Halloween. From 1 pm till 4 pm, they had drawn, cut and made pumpkins, bats, black cats and ghosts hanging from the ceiling. There were 2 purposes for decorating the classroom: first-to share American Halloween traditions and second-to promote volunteering amongst young people. This event got a lot of attention of the high scholars regarding Halloween and also volunteering.

Halloween Party at ‘Aghiuta’ Orphanage in Chisinau:

On October 30, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized a Halloween Party at ‘Aghiuta’ orphanage in Chisinau, which lasted 2 hours. The event involved 2 volunteers one- FLEX and one non-FLEX, and benefited 15 children. The children were able to carve pumpkins, cut out pumpkins and bats to decorate their personal spaces. The children were treated to refreshments and fruits. They were told about the meaning of Halloween celebrations and the traditions this holiday brings. The volunteers and the children shared quality time and learned about each other. The children expressed gratitude and desire to have more events like these in the future.


Halloween Celebration in Balti:

On October 31, Daniela Chilari, FLEX ‘13 organized a Halloween Celebration at the local orphanage in Balti, Moldova. She was helped by a group of volunteers, who were dressed up as Halloween characters. They organized a Halloween contest between the 35 children who attended the activity. They were divided in 5 groups and each group was helped by a volunteer. First of all, they had to come up with a team name and to find an emblem. The team whose name was the most creative got the maximal points. Then, they had to write and play a Halloween Story. It was so fun to admire little kids and to see how vast their imagination is. However, their favourite part was the pumpkin carving. They all had fun and enjoyed some traditions for a new holiday for them. All the teams got diplomas and a bag of candies. No words can describe how happy were the children and how glad the team of volunteers was for sharing some love and care with those who really need it .


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FLEX Alumna's event - Nata Andreev '07

On November 3rd, 30 something tree hugging girls dressed in sweaters roamed the streets of Chisinau pedaling their way through traffic accompanied by the sound of bicycle bells.

Nata Andreev (FLEX ‘07) and two of her roommates came up with idea of organizing events for girls of all ages who participate in and promote eco-friendly events. The group gathered at the Arc of Triumph in the heart of the city where they admired each other's bikes decorated with colorful yarn, flowers, knitted socks, and scarves before hitting the road. The girls guided by experienced bikers made a loop around the city center encouraged by the honks of friendly, supportive drivers. It was an ingenious way for the ladies to show their fellow-citizens that one can bike even when wearing a dress or a skirt. It was an act of encouragement for people to opt for a more ecological way of locomotion.

At the end of the route, the girls got together for tea and cookies at the local event venue called ‘Tipografia 5' who supported the initiative by offering free space for the ladies to mingle, get professional tips on fixing and caring for their bikes, and watch some instructive footage on the topic.

‘We hope more people will join the initiative by introducing events and activities which actively promote a healthier lifestyle. We try to practice what we preach', said the proud FLEX alumna Nata Andreev.

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