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FLEX Alumni Coordinator Job Opportunity

The FLEX Alumni program aims to encourage alumni involvement in community service, and participation events; English language and American studies activities; and professional and personal development activities.  Activities planned by and for the alumni and community should be include all of these types of events.


  • Write and submit to immediate supervisor and the FLEX Alumni program a narrative report on alumni activities, alumni successes, and upcoming events monthly;
  • Prepare and submit a financial report requesting project funding to immediate supervisor and the FLEX Alumni program monthly;
  • Provide coordination and encouragement to alumni as they plan and hold projects;
  • Work with alumni to develop proposals and budgets for alumni projects with coaching from immediate supervisor and the FLEX Alumni program;
  • Update the online alumni database monthly;
  • Monitor and update social media platforms for local and national alumni community;
  • Encourage alumni to contribute to The Bradley Herald, and promoting the program’s website; and
  • Promote and assist with projects organized by the FLEX Alumni program including grants, contents, workshops, and opportunities for alumni.


  • Initial appointment from 1 May 2016
  • Flexible part-time position, 15 hours per week.  No vacation or sick time is accrued.
  • Readiness to participate in the AC Training Conference
  • Honorarium from 250$/month.


  • Successful participation in the FLEX program.
  • All Alumni Coordinators must pass a review of their on-program exchange experience
  • Enthusiasm and talent for organizing events.
  • Previous participation in alumni activities.
  • Excellent spoken and written English and native language.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and experience.
  • Computer skills and strong communication abilities.

Alumni Coordinators work with American Councils staff to coordinate and report on alumni activities in their hubs. Alumni Coordinators are supervised by Marciuc Ala FLEX Program Specialist.  The Alumni Coordinator will report to their immediate supervisor and to the FLEX Alumni Office.

Interested alumni, Please, send an email to flex@americancouncils.md requesting the application form.