Ten Access Sites Joined "Christmas Caravan"

December, 23 2013

In order to make the students feel that they are a part of a big family and to establish communication between the students from different Access sites, as well as to make them really sense the magic of winter holidays, Access Program organized "Christmas Caravan" event. The major goal of this event was to provide cultural values and develop social connections among students outside their sites. For this reason, each of the Access students had to make a card for one of their peers from a different region. The tasks included also the condition to post on their Christmas card a short inormation about themselves as authors, suplimented with a profile picture. This way, the receiver of the card would know who this wonderful Christmas message is coming from.
The students seemed very enthusiastic about this activity and had a lot of fun while making the cards.So that on December, 21 during "Sharing the Best Practices in Access" Teacher Training, the teachers and assistants brought the cards of their students and collected the cards that were made by students from other sites for their pupils.
Thus, the Christmas spirit from kids' hearts will travel all around the country and will offer pleasant moments of best wishes and warm wordss sharing.


Photo Gallery of the Event

Previous news
On April 22, Access Students from Taraclia had organized a GYSD project for their community, in order to do that, they have invited NSLI-Y students to join them into city quest and they have planted red flowers in the shape of a ribbon to create an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.
On April 5th, Access Students from Soroca had a special guest. They have met Jonathan Wolfington, Cultural Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.
On March 17, in Soroca was organized an workshop about robots organised by GirlsGoIT Access Soroca was very excited to participate and to have the chance to get to know something more about robotics.