"Sharing Best Practices in Access" Teacher Training

December, 21 2013

To maintain professional growth of Access teachers and assistants, the whole Access team from Moldova was invited to "Share Best Practices in Access" Teacher Training, organized by the Access Microscholarship Program, American Councils and US Embassy, Moldova.

For this reason, the main topics covered methodological issues in developing language, civic, digital, and communicative skills of Access students, based on each group's level and region peculiarities. To this extend, a variety of topicswere discussed, especially regarding "Cooperative and Collaborative Learning" (Diana Retcu, Access-Ungheni), "Interactive Methods in Teaching English" (Nadejda Tucicova, Access Varnita and Bender), "Case Method in EFLT" (Oxana Palic, Access-Comrat), "The Seven Laws of Teaching" (Marina Zaharciuc, Access-Ialoveni), "Teaching Active Speaking" (Aliona Bragaru, Access-Cahul), "Teaching Vocabulary" (Elena Pereu, Straseni), "The Conversation Class" (Liliana Botnari, Access-Orhei) and "Shopping: Challenge or Perspective"( Svetlana Lungu, Access Skype teacher ), etc.
To give a tone, the coordinator of the program, Olga Morozan, presented all beautiful achievements of Access Moldova for the last six months, and made a presentation on the topic "Teaching Large Multilevel Classes".

The most important moments were energized by our important guests, who were invited to share their experience with all Access teachers and assistants. This way, David Jesse, Country Director of American Councils in Moldova, made a presentation on the topic "Praise- the paradox of correct". Daniela Munca-Aftenev, LFP/Open World Coordinator, made a presentation on the topic "Belbin's Roles in Creating Team's Performances", which helped our members to identify the role they play in our team.

Moreover, Bob Asadorian, a Peace Corps Volunteer has shared many possibilities and perspectives regarding a future collaboration between Access program and other institutions from the United States. 
Beside active teachers' involvement, the Access teacher assistants id their best to show their teaching skills they acquired during Movie Classes, language and Literature Club, and iEARN Classes. Thus, they talked about the activities they apply during the classes, the projects they have implemented together with their groups, about their experience in iEARN online community and about the way they celebrate holidays with their students. Among the best presentations were the following: "Interactive Club Activities" (Doina Morari, coordinator assistant), Access - a Success Story" ( Vald Ciuperca, Access-Ungheni), "Celebrating Thanksgiving Day" and "Interesting Places in Straseni"- iEARN Project "(Nicoleta Gadarenco, Access-Straseni), and others.

Since the training was organized in the period of winter holidays, when the Christmas spirit is in then air and embellish our hearts, each participant felt the sensation of happiness and Christmas warm in his/her soul due to beautiful handmade decorations the Access coordinator assistant, Doina Morari and Access volunteer, Elena Panco, made in advance. The fairy atmosphere spread around the training space, so that at the Christmas lunch each participant wore beautiful masks to play holiday games, and to find a present from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree.
The event ended with a Award Ceremony, when everybody received Christmas cards together with certificates for their presentations. Moreover, a message of congratulation for the whole Access team came from Brent Israelsen, Public Affairs Assistant Officer, US Embassy, Moldova, who wrote letters of recognition for each teacher and assistant for their huge dedication in program implementation.
This event was extremely beneficial for the augmentation of the cohesion of the group and represented a very good opportunity for the new members to meet the whole team, to learn from their experience and to understand what Access really means.


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