Access Celebrating Thanksgiving: a sincere expression and sharing of Thanks

December, 9 2013

Access Celebrating Thanksgiving: a sincere expression and sharing of Thanks

Thanksgiving, a holiday representing the celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year, was celebrated by the Access sites from all 10 regions from the country on the fourth Thursday of November in order to feel the holly spirit of being thankful to God and those close to you.

Firstly, all students had the chance to find out more information about the history and the traditions related to this particular US holiday . It was an amazing opportunity to think of the positive moments from their lives, an activity that people from Moldova do very seldom, and to understand that there are so many things they have to be grateful for. To this extend, the students  wrote their own lists of things they are thankful for and pinned them to their trees of gratitude.

As this holiday is the time of sharing positive feelings, our students decided to share the spirit of this day and the knowledge and experience acquired in Access with others. So,  the group from  Cahul visited the children from orphanages and all together  they  made some Thanksgiving handicrafts and did some team building activities to make the orphans feel more comfortable and sense  the presence of people who care about them.

On their turn, the students from Ungheni celebrated the holiday with the kindergarten children are working with in their project „English Fun for Everybody”. On this day, the little kids learnt for the first time of their life what Thanksgiving means and how it is celebrated while having crafted the traditional symbol of Thanksgiving- the colorful turkey.


As for the students from Ialoveni, Orhei and Straseni, they invited over their colleagues from the orphanage and had a Thanksgiving party all together to feel thankful to all who supported them this year – to their teachers, Peace Corps Volunteers, and of course, American Councils and US Embassy , Moldova , since the Access Program was launched in their institutions this year.

All in all, the activities performed by the teachers, assistants, students with the help of some PCVs from Cahul and Orhei, developed the intercultural skills of our students and represented one of the very rare days which our students dedicated to the positive things happening in their lives and not to their problems and the things that they don’t have.

"We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving as an Access class. It was so nice to see the students preparing cards and snacks for the children who visited from the orphanage. Although they were timid, I could see that the children were curious about everything they saw in the classroom. I think the experience encouraged them to do well in their studies so that they can one day be like the Access students they saw around them. At the same time, the high schoolers were given an opportunity to invest in their local community and bring some happiness to the little ones. We all participated in an activity where we listed the things for which we were thankful on individual handprints and then pinned them to a 'tree of gratitude.' After the children left, we enjoyed some food, games, and laughter before going home. I appreciate Mrs. Bragaru and her assistant, Eugen Staicov, for all they do to teach the students through activities such as this."


Brent Salter, Fulbright “B.P.Hasdeu” State University, Cahul

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