Vlas Cristian - Access winner of "Why I like studying English at the American Councils" Essay Contest

December, 3 2013


In November, American Councils organized an essay contest with the topic "Why I like studying English at the American Councils" for all the students who study English with us. The Access teams were also invited to send us their essays and enter the competition to win a brand new Oxford dictionary.

All of the students who submitted their essays (Nuriev Djunara, Irina Mihalachi, Cretu Livia, Ivanova Ana, Perju Diana,Vlas Cristian) were very creative and convincing, bringing lots of arguments for proving that they have a lot of fun while learning English. However, the most persuasive and well-structured essay turned out to be the work of Vlas Cristian from Access Ungheni group. He provided lots of examples and shared the experience of an Access student in a very attractive and interesting manner. Congratulations, Cristian!

Thank you all for your participation!

"Why I like studying English at the American Councils?

English is the most popular language in the world and it represents the nations with great history and culture: Americans, English, etc. That's why I've chosen to study English through Access Microscolarship Program, an American Councils' program.

To be honest, I came at Access casting moved by curiosity and enthusiasm, not by interest. At that moment, I was disappointed by school and bored by the way of education in Moldavian lyceums. I was searching for a new and challenging experience of learning or even a new way of life, of lifestyle.

And the Access program gave this opportunity to me. It was an awesome time, it is, obviously, and, I think, it will be. Together, we've done so many amazing things and activities that I've never expected to do alone. Our dear teacher, Mrs. Diana Retcu, taught(and teaches) us not only Basic English, but also the art of communication, the meaning of respect, the importance of being united as a group and a lot of things, that I won't mention due to the limit of words and time. It is also a pleasure being helped by FLEX assistants, that are an additional force and a good provider of great ideas in our group. Belong to these, we had lessons with a PCV, a Fulbright student and a conference with a group of students from Belleville, USA.

In one year of group's being, we've done 2 flash mobs, 2 iEarn projects, one recycling project and one ecologist City Quest. In my opinion, those projects influenced not only us, but even our community because they were social ones, with social targets and goals.

A special moment in the Access program is the summer camp. It was a good experience for me because the spoken language should be only English there. I had the opportunity to check my true knowledge and to challenge with my mates in speaking English. The process of learning at summer camp was very interesting, even unusual and it helped me to go further in studying English.

Another challenge was the Access Summit in Kyiv, at which I participated and represented Moldova and the Access community belongs to other students from Access centers. It was absolutely „WOW" because I cannot explain how impressed I am after that. The atmosphere into our summit was amazing and funny, but in the meantime it was interesting, useful and informative. Through that summit, I learned many things, including  how to collaborate, cooperate in a group united by a common interest, how to show respect in community and, obviously, I have got friends due to English, that „links" us tight in a network, even if we are so different.

Of course, the Access program is not for lazy ones. I would say that it was a bit hard for me to study English here, because my basic foreign language is French and I had some issues with my lexicon. But the interesting and interactive way of studying here, at the Access program, helped and is pushing now, while I am writing this, to the unknown limit of knowledge. All of the methods of learning here are not only for studying English or for a paper certificate, but are for forming us as personalities, personalities with a high level of culture, intelligence and good spirit.

Even after this, are you still asking me why I like studying English at the American Councils?"

Vlas Cristian, ACCESS Ungheni


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