Access Students Celebrating Halloween

November, 1 2013

One of the basic priorities of Access Microscholarship Program is not only to teach students the English language, but also to offer them the chance to develop their intercultural skills. It is a well-known fact that language and culture go hand in hand and cannot be separated. That is why in studying a foreign language it is so important to get acquainted with the culture of the nation that speaks it. You won't be able to acquire the language until you understand the culture of that nation.
In order to get closer to the English and American spirit and to learn about cultures of English-speaking nations, Halloween parties were organized in all the Access sites. The students found out interesting things about the history of this holiday, and about the traditions linked to its celebration. Then, they painted their faces and got dressed in various scary costumes so that mummies, witches, monsters, pirates, Hawaiian girls, cats and other creatures started to walk around. They made various interesting Halloween handicrafts, read scary stories, ate Halloween food, carved pumpkin faces and turned them into scary and funny Jack-O'-Lanterns. Contests for the best costume were also organized. In this way, the students created the frightening Halloween atmosphere and enjoyed this spooky holiday!
All the students had a lot of fun and enjoyed their parties!


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