Senator Mike Brubaker and Mrs. Cindy Brubaker Visited Access Students from Balti and Varnita/Bender at the Summer Camp

August, 8 2013

On July 25, 2013 Senator Mike Brubaker, Pennsylvania, and his wife, Mrs. Cindy Brubaker visited 20 Access students from Balti and Varnita/Bender at the Access Summer Camp.

The guests enjoyed 3 hours of lively communication with Moldovan teens; learnt many interesting things about the Access Micro-Scholarship Program from Moldova; got impressed from many students’ online community-service projects; collaboratively built 3-D puzzles of famous American buildings; shared a lot of interesting facts about U.S. life and culture; and got actively involved in many teambuilding activities. During the whole meeting, the honorable guests together with students tried their skills in various games, obtaining perfect results.

Additionally to this, Vlad Ciuperca, one of the ACCESS Alumni that has recently come back from the USA as a FLEX Alumna shared to everybody how the Access program contributed to his personal development and helped him to become a Flex student. Also, he illustrated many pictures on his life and study in the USA, and impressed everybody with beautiful traditions the Americans have.

The cherry on the cake was the  "Q & A" session that captivated all participants in an active discussion on topics related to impressions about Moldova, Access program, and of course, the life of a Senator of Pennsylvania, USA.

The most impressive moment for Mr. Senator and his wife was the present they got from the Access students - hand-made US flags and "4th of July" cards, which they crafted for "4th of July" holiday.

Photo gallery of the event

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