The Independence Day Picnic

July, 4 2013

National holidays are one of the things that make a country unique. They are not just for having fun, but also to remember history and to celebrate traditions that countries are founded upon. Celebrating the  Independence Day in America is one of the biggest traditions that they have, when they can show their pride for their country and remember their founding fathers.

To celebrate this holiday, the Access program has tried to extend it into Moldova by commemorating the Independence Day with Access students and teachers at a summer camp. Another goal of this party was to show the collaboration between America and Moldova. The party opened with the song "God Bless America", sung by Access students from Varnita- Bender and Iana Basarab, a teacher  assistant from Comrat. The welcome from the students was felt by all who attended.

Throughout the party, attendees participated in various teambuilding activities that focused on uniting everyone and taught patience and tolerance. It was a real partenership and collaboration in achieving their tasks, as three programs joined into a real consortium: Access, FLEX and e-Twinning to perform an American song on a flute; prepare some visual aids such as posters, flags, symbols, postcards; put together 3-D puzzles depicting  the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and Independence Hall; and to explain their significance for the American history and culture.

Moreover, the Access students dressed up as American presidents Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, and delivered excerpts from their most famous works, the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence. These works were chosen because they are the most studied in the US, known by most citizens as the most important words to be given by any presidents.

To close the party, the Access students taught the lyrics of the song "God Bless America" to the attendees and invited them to sing the song together. As they were singing, they pulled confetti poppers to feel a festive atmosphere. The students then exchanged postcards and congratulated the teachers and their colleagues.

Finally, everyone enjoyed American-style pizza.

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