Skype Conference between the Access group from Ungheni and Belleville West High School, Belleville, USA

April, 26 2013

On April, 26 , Vlad Ciuperca, Access Alumni 2012 and Flex Program student, 2012-2013, inititated a Skype Conference on cultural, social and educational topics between the Access group from Ungheni and Belleville West High School, Belleville, the USA.

"Hey, my name is Vladislav Ciuperca. I am from Ungheni, Modova. I am a FLEX exchange student who currently is living in the USA for the period of the program. I also graduated the Ungheni ACCESS program coordinated by the US Embassy in Moldova. So, I organized a Skype conversation with the new ACCESS group from Ungheni. I did it with the support of  the ACCESS program in Ungheni and my FLEX coordinator Cyndi Oberle-Dahm . Mrs. Oberle-Dahm is a qualified professional with a masters degree as a teacher. She a Social Studies teacher at Belleville West High School in Belleville, Illinois where I go as well. She is a local coordinator for the World Link Placement Organization, the organization that placed me in the USA.
I wanted to do this Skype conversation because of GYSD (Global Youth Service Day) which is widely encouraged among exchange students. GYSD projects are to improve or to inform the community you live in about a local issue they have to deal with. So, I looked up an interesting project "The Millenium Project", specifically  "15 Global Challenges" that I really wanted to stress because they deal with the problems the humans are facing every day. I sent a picture of the project to the ACCESS group and told them to discuss the topics and to come with some info about the Moldova's situation on those issues like democratization or the gap between the rich and poor, and to talk to American members of NYG (Net Youth Generation) Ambassadors Club. This club is also led by Cyndi Oberle-Dahm.
The Skype conference took place on 26th of April, 2013. The purpose of it was to make both American youth and the students from Moldova to meet another culture and just to talk about stuff that matters for both sides. I think that mainly the language (accents and vocabulary), as well as different opinions on issues, was the main experience that they achieved from it. I was very excited about it as were Mrs. Oberle-Dahm and the American teenagers that came to talk with foreign people. I was really impressed by the high preparation on topics of the ACCESS group from Ungheni. I was pleased by the way they gathered information about Moldova on several issues. The American youth that participated in the conference were impressed as well. I think that the accent of the Moldovan teenagers was really attractive for them. I would hope that this was a good experience for the ACCESS group in Ungheni as well as for the American students, because even when we were discussing global topics and issues, I could make a difference between two different mentalities, points of view and opinions. Regardless of it, those thoughts led to one common idea of how we may improve the society - the aspect of living - in order to change our lives for good.
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do a project like this. It really was amazing to work with the Ungheni ACCESS program. Those students have brilliant minds that can change the world.

With great considerations,

Vlad Ciuperca
FLEX student 2012-2013 "

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