Collaboration between Access Microscholarship Program and iEARN Moldova: Annual Report, May, 2012-May, 2013

May, 24 2013


During this year iEARN Moldova has lived interesting experience full of collaborative online projects, summer camp, workshops and US official guests’ meeting.

From 9th of July to 1st August, 2012  iEARN Moldova in collaboration with Access Microscholarship Program organized for 50 teenagers from 4 regions of country the English ACCESS Micro-scholarship Summer Camp. The 14-16 year old children got involved in many interesting activities within the intensive course of Vocabulary classes, Language Skills classes, Movie work activities, Project-based classes and team-building activities. This experience  contributed to ACCESS students’ English language skills improvement, developed their collaborative skills, actively enhanced their critical thinking, creativity and originality. This way, the ACCESS Summer Camp succeeded in promoting teaching 21-century skills. Also, the students had opportunities to communicate with native speakers and the students from EFL summer camp who participated in FLEX program this academic year (2012-2013); thus improving their cultural values. However, one of the most impressive events of the Summer Camp was the visit of the American Embassy guest Mr. Brent Israelsen who observed the students’ performance in their studying process and appreciated their high motivation and initiative to self-performance.

In September, 2012  18 best English students and 6 teachers from the country were invited to “Tea at the Ambassadors’ “ event, where they had the chance to meet Mr. William H. Moser, U.S. Ambassador in Moldova who honored his guests with a cup of delicious tea and discussed the impressions they have about the importance of the English Language in the world, in their life and their future of the country. This was a unique experience for everyone who felt a huge inspiration to keep following his /her ideal by doing good things in English.

In October, 2012 the US Embassy and the American Councils Moldova in collaboration with iEARN Moldova launched a new English Access program for a group of 20 teenagers with special education needs. Beside the traditional English classes, the kids are involved in many Learning Circles iEARN projects. The best one was the project “Words Govern the World” , which main goals were: (1) to analyze the power of words in different everyday situations; (2) to connect different situations to the results which are caused by the lack of communication; and (3) to identify the elements of an effective communication. This way, the students were able to share their reflections on the importance of active listening, effective feedback and elements of a constructive communication. Moreover, the disabled kids were inspired by the visit of the official guest Mr. Frank Jerrold, Regional English Language Officer, US Department of State, who discussed many interesting cultural and social topics with all participants.

After celebrating Thanksgiving, on first week of December a group of 3 active Access Program students from Cahul, a Flex Alumnus, and their English teacher proposed to expand the spirit of this symbolic holiday by bringing a little happiness and joy to 14 children whose home is the orphanage and their parents are educators. They organized a lot of educational activities teaching kids about Thanksgiving and ways to celebrate this holiday and be thankful for everyday they live on the Earth.  The Access students proved to be active citizens and very receptive toward sharing apart of American Culture in the South of Moldova.

On 12.12.12 iEARN-Moldova joined the One Day on Earth event. Students and teachers from four regions of the country, Chisinau, Balti, Cahul and Ungheni took pictures and video all throughout the day to share the beauty of their hometown.  Consequently, a real rainbow of human feelings and beautiful sightseeing was sensed through the eyes of Moldovan adolescents and presented in 4 movies, namely  ‘One day life of the adolescents at school’ , '12.12.12 in Cahul: Active people and interesting places' , “12.12.12” and "A day of Access group from Ungheni' . The event results were disseminated online on  One Day on Earth web site, American Councils Moldova web site  and in iEARN Newsflash #310, January 8, 2013.

Moreover, from September, 2012 to May, 2013 120 students from Cahul, Comrat, Ungheni, Chsinau, Balti, Varnita/Bender regions participated in 3 iEARN Learning Circles (Computer Chronicles: High School, Global Issues: The Environment; and My Hero: High School), developing and implementing online 9 projects; namely “People Who Write the History”; “The History of Money”; “Green Month”; “Beauty Everywhere”; “Ungheni City Quest”;  ‘ The Problem of Garbage in Balti: Save Your Planet!”, and others (the projects were published on iEARN web site  at .http://www.iearn.org/circles/2013session1/index.htm )

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of American Councils Moldova, iEARN Moldova in collaboration with the Access Microscholarship Program organized “The Action Youth in Action!” flash mob in 6 regions of the country. This way, on February, 22 at 3 p.m. 6 groups of teenagers gathered almost 400 people to support the idea of a better education for young generation and inform about the possibilities to participate in many educational programs provided by the American Councils Moldova, such as Open World, LFP, FLEX, Access, ALC, Carnegie,  and others.

On March, 20 almost 120 students joined “Talking Kites Around the World” iEARN project, a universal movement enhancing the important values such as tolerance, acceptance of the “other”, love, co-existence, listening, choosing dialogue over force, universal solidarity, etc. The event also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of iEARN community with multicolored flying kites all over the country’s sky.

In April 20 students from Ungheni, 1 Flex Alumnus , their English teacher in collaboration with 2 Peace Corps Volunteers organized “Horse Alert!” flash mob at Ungheni Horse Hippodrome to alert the civic community about horses “queuing to die” of starvation.

Finally, all the successful achievements iEARN Moldova accomplished in collaboration with the American Councils Moldova and other partners were broadcast on May, 21 at the national Teleradio Moldova channel as an excellent way to disseminate through the country about iEARN and inspire a lot of new people to be active and collaborative.


Previous news
Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.
On March 17, in Soroca was organized an workshop about robots organised by GirlsGoIT Access Soroca was very excited to participate and to have the chance to get to know something more about robotics.
"Books and Blogs" module was successfully in Access Sites where students had to create a site blog and write creative stories on it.