"Access Youth in Action" Flash mob

March, 28 2013


"Access Youth in Action" Flash mob

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the American Councils, the Access Micro-scholarship Program organized the "Access Youth in Action" Flash mob in 6 regions of the country. This way, on February 22, 2013 at 3p.m. 6 groups of teenagers gathered almost 400 people from Ungheni, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Chisinau and Varnita/Bender to support the idea of a better education for young generation and inform about the possibilities to participate in many educational programs provided by the American Councils, such as Open World, LFP, Flex, Access, ALC, Carnegie and others. 
The information about flash mobs was advertised through promotional video  posted on our web site and social networks.


Each region organized the event in a special way, trying to send to their community the general message in form of dance performance, posters, flags, thematic songs and represented American Councils' symbols.


In Ungheni "Access Youth in Action" flash mob involved 40 youth participants including students of Access program who in the center of their town represented the symbols of the American Councils from Moldova such as the house, the book, etc. The most impressive moment was when teenagers formed the puzzled flag of the USA as a sign of gratitude for the US Embassy for the students' possibility to study English within Access Micro scholarship Program.




In Chisinau the event joined 45 children and teenagers from 7 to 19 years old from Mihai Eminescu Lyceum who participated in organizing the flash mob dance, drawn posters on education and American Councils' programs, and hand made paper bracelets with American Council's logo and messages such as "Be Active!", "Get Involved!", "Study More", etc. 
The colorful and meaningful flash mob inspired greatly the audience of almost 100 students from the same school who learnt a lot of things about the American Councils and got motivated to be more active and responsible for their education as a matter of their future.



In Balti the event took place simultaneously in two places: at Vasile Alecsandri Lyceum and in the center of the city. Thus, while a group of 25 teenagers and primary school children were performing a meaningful dance for Youth studying in their school, 20 Access students were distributing the flags and posters with the American Councils' symbols to people living in Balti.



Sharing flags and posters during Balti flash mob


Access -Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with different educational and motivational messages such as "We have a chance to have a good future, that's why we learn English at the American Councils" or "ACCESS makes you understand that only together people represent a very strong power " , " I want to be a president that's why I learn English " or " I want to be a journalist that's why I learn English", etc. In front of the Varnita Mayoree the students invited 40 people to share posters and to discuss about the American Councils educational programs.


In Comrat in the downtown 20 students from the Access program performed different styles of dance and shared information about all programs implemented by the American Councils. They distributed posters to all who preferred to join them and simple passers-by. 


In Cahul over 150 participants lit Sky Lanterns carrying names of one of the educational programs administered by American Councils in Moldova.



The event was a real success which got the positive feedback from the representatives of all 6 communities who greatly appreciated the youth motivation to increase their education and desire to be involved in many educational programs under the American Councils. Thus, "Access Youth in Action" Flash mob was broadcasted in the local mass media.




Participants' feedback:

Valentina Cornescu , Varnita/Bender-Access assistant" Participating in a flash mob with occasion of 20 years of American Councils was a pleasure for us. We all were so excited about this idea. It was very funny to do something absolutely new for us. Our flash mob was full of friendship and shiny atmosphere."

Cristian Morozan, the 4th grade pupil, Mihai Eminescu Lyceum:

"The Access Youth in Action Flash mob for me was a new experience with a lot of fun and joy. I liked dancing. It was a real cooperation between us, the pupils of the 4th grade, with the students from the 12th grade. Now I feel more inspired to learn English and to participate in interesting programs of the American Councils as my brother does."


Michael Filipenco, Access Assistant, Cahul:
"The event was full of magic since during 30 minutes people of different ages were approaching to us and wanted to get involved in lighting the lanterns. Everybody felt so inspired because of the romantic atmosphere we created. It looked like the American Councils appeared to be a flame for all those who dreamed to follow the path of wisdom light. Thank you!".


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