Flash mob in Varnita/Bender prepared by Access students

March, 10 2013


Access -Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with different educational and motivational messages such as We have a chance to have a good future, that's why we learn English at the American Councils” or "ACCESS makes you understand that only together people represent a very strong power "" I want to be a president that's why I learn English " or " I want to be a journalist that's why I learn English”, etc. In front of the Varnita Mayoree the students invited 40 people to share posters and to discuss about the American Councils educational programs.



Participants’ feedback:

Valentina Cornescu , Varnita/Bender-Access assistant:

“ Participating in a flash mob with occasion of 20 years of American Councils was a pleasure for us. We all were so excited about this idea. It was very funny to do something absolutely new for us. Our flash mob was full of friendship and shiny atmosphere.




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