Ungheni gathered 40 youth representatives in Access Youth in Action Flash mob

March, 7 2013


In Ungheni "Access Youth in Action" flash mob joined 40 youth participants including students of Access program who in the center of their town represented the symbols of the American Councils from Moldova such as the house, the book, etc. The most impressive moment was when teenagers formed the puzzled flag of the USA as a sign of gratitude for the US Embassy for the students' possibility to study English within Access Micro scholarship Program.


Previous news
Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.
On April 5th, Access Students from Soroca had a special guest. They have met Jonathan Wolfington, Cultural Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.
The last weekend of March was a productive one for Access teachers and assistants. During two days, teachers had the chance to work with International professionals in the field of project development and community service from AIESEC.