"A Happy Day" Access Project

December, 10 2012


A group of 10 Access Alumni from Ciadir-Lunga decided to help 2 disabled and social vulnerable children, Nastya and Lyuda, from their town by organizing "A Happy Day" events for each of those kids. Their main goal was to offer these kids a unique experience of having a special party where they will be honored, supported, entertained, and loved by people who live in their neighborhood. This way , each participant contributed to make the both girls feel special, unique, and socially integrated; the thing which might motivate and inspire them to struggle in hard moment s of their lives. It is important to mention that this was just the beginning of Access Alumni charitable acts, as they intend to organize such kids of events for other kids and on different occasions.


Students' feelings and thoughts:


"Our team will keep visiting and communicating with the girls, supporting them physically and spiritually. We will try to help them when all necessary. We will try to find new sponsors to support our ideas, and in future w we may become sponsors by ourselves. Throughout life, we will prove to them that they are not alone. Over years we will try to make their lives brighter and will help them in their future life. It is our goal. "

"Our goal is to extend the idea of our project to other kids. We can give one happy day to other disabled and socially vulnerable children. We want to increase the number of volunteers, because many people would like to be engaged in this noble and desirable work. If we can find reliable sponsors, we will bring joy not only to the children of our town, but of our region too."

" We are pleased with our results. This gives us the impetus to the development of similar future projects, because we have some skills. We have the desire to continue this life experience. Our group hopes that we will be able to do it. We have set an example to the friends of our girls, their parents and tutors, and entire community. "

" As we expected, the girls' friends came to support us. Our young heroes were very happy and their eyes were shining with delight. Seeing the joy on their faces, our souls were on the top of happiness. Parents and tutors of our girls highly appreciated the importance of the project. We also had a good chance to test our strength as a group. "



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