A visit to Cahul orphanage to share Thanksgiving Holiday spirit and inspire souls for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

December, 6 2012


After celebrating Thanksgiving,  some Access students from Cahul proposed to expand the spirit of this symbolic holiday  by  bringing a little happiness  and joy to the children whose home is the orphanage and their parents are educators.

For this reason, first week of December  a group of   3 active students,  a Flex Alumnus,  Mike Filipenco  and their  English teacher,Aliona Bragaru,  did  their  best to introduce the atmosphere  of this miraculous traditional Holiday . They announced  the educators 3 days  ahead about their  coming .  On the 3rd of December ,14 children  were waiting for guests’ arrival.

Firstly , the participants introduced them selves  and the goal  of their visit. They played altogether a game where the children , educators and Access students with their teacher   had fun by   playing a game  where the participants stood in  a circle and presented their names represented by a creative sign, gesture etc. Everyone had to memorize  the names and the signs.

Then, the kids had the chance to learn interesting facts about Thanksgiving, finding out about the origin and its historical roots. The students retold them  how do people celebrate today this Holiday in the US. , and stated some Moldovan holidays were people may tell thanks to people who supported them all year round. They discussed about the handmade turkey and how important it is to be thankful for all  what we have.

The most delighted moment for the kids  was to draw their handmade Turkeys and write on figures what they  are thankful for. It was a very nice opportunity to make the orphan kids be proud of their masterpieces, and be thankful to those close to them, such as  their  educators, and  friends from the orphanage etc.

The most expected moment for children was the surprise. The Access students were very creative in designing Thanksgiving Cards. All  decorated cards with their best wishes were accepted as a real gift from God. It was an original way to congratulate the children and a real sign to wish  them to be always thankful for everyday lived on the Earth.

The students from Access Cahul proved to be active citizens and very receptive toward sharing a part of  American Culture in the South of Moldova.


A visit to orphanage of the Access students from Cahul

posted by Olga Morozan


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