Rezina/Ribnita-Access grant project: “The Right to Information”

November, 11 2012


“The Right to Information” project was developed by a group of Access students from Transnistria,  and implemented in the high school “Evrika”  from Ribnitsa town, by installing an informational board which will include preiodical news uodates. This way,  213 pupils and 30 teachers and other personnel from this  educational institution will  have the possiblity to be informed about all the events happening all around the community, region, country, or abroad.  The main goals of the project were to make an informational board, to install it on the first floor of Evrika high-school, to  create a group of volunteers who will periodically update the news on the board, covering all interesting topics; thus involving students and adults in  news sharing, debating and finding new solutions  for the problems the school or community has.

At the end of te project all participants acquired good skills in managing a real community project, through an active collaboration with different organizations and community authorities, and, the most important, through group cohension and power to strive for the best results.


Students sharing their thoughts and feelings:

“It's for the first time in the history of our institution when students will provide news from around the school. It's a good opportunity for them to practice themselves as journalists.”

„I am sure that the news will be available not only during the project period, the news board will serve for other generations too.”

„It was a exiting and interesting experience for me as a coordinator as I learnt how to listen all members of the group and how to defend our point of view to achive good results.”


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