Access Leadership through Language Training

July, 31 2012


From  June 25 to June 29 4 Access teachers from 4 regions of Moldova  (Chișinău, Ungheni, Balți, Rezina) participated in the “Access Leadership through  Language Training workshop”  which took part in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

The event was organized by a group of the excellent English Language experts such as Eve Smyth (a Senior Instructor at the University of Macau ), Anita Selec (an English Language Fellow at Sevastopol National Technical University) and Carol Haddaway ( Sr. ELF in Kyiv),  and hosted by Sevastopol Banking Institute. The training joined 24 persons from 3 different countries such as Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia. The participants from Ukraine represented 4 ACCESS sites from different regions of the country (Kyiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Sevastopol). Armenia was also represented by two groups of teachers, the more experienced in the project and the new-starters.

The main goal of the training was to develop teachers’ leadership spirit and skills through interactive team-building activities and develop teachers’ professional competence to provide leadership through language teaching.  All sessions supported Student-centered approach in teaching-learning process and insured all participants with a rich collection of strategies and techniques to apply in the classroom while teaching all linguistic skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening). The activities provided during the classes represented a combination of different methodological approaches such as Collaborative Instruction, Project-based Instruction, Content-based Instruction through movies, etc. Moreover, it was analyzed the idea of Life-long education which is based on teacher and students’ reflection- a must condition for teaching either students or teachers to set their own goals, to clarify their expectations, to prioritize them, to analyze the achievements, to asset challenges and ways to solve them.

Consequently, each group applied the acquired knowledge and skills in developing a project and a term lesson planning.  Access group from Moldova presented the project “The Earth full of Rights”, which analyzed human rights and ways to protect them in the community.

Moreover, each group related the experience their Access sites managed to have during one year; thus having wonderful opportunities to share interesting and original ideas with the other colleagues and get inspired with some new things and activities to provide in the Access program of Moldova.

Additionally to the training experience all groups were motivated to discuss challenges they all met while working in Access and brainstorm possible solutions for each of the related problems. This way, there were provided arguments on the problem of efficient interpersonal communication between teachers and students, problems of students ‘motivation, and their active enrollment in the process of studying.

Taking all into account, it is to say that this training serves for all Access teachers  a good scientific and methodological  base for a successful  Access program implementation; thus opening new areas of personal professional growth in the  future.


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