Moldovan Teenagers Participated in the English Access Micro-scholarship Summer Camp

July, 31 2012

From 9th of July to 1st August, 50 teenagers from 4 regions of the Republic of Moldova participated in the English Access Micro-scholarship Summer Camp. The children were involved in many interesting activities within the intensive course of Vocabulary classes, Language Skills classes, Movie work activities, Project-based classes and team-building activities.

This experience  contributed to Access  students’ English language skills improvement, developed their collaborative skills, actively enhanced their critical thinking, creativity and originality. This way, the Access Summer Camp  succeeded in promoting teaching 21-century skills.

Also, the students had opportunities to communicate with native speakers and the students from EFL summer camp who participate in FLEX program this year; thus improving their cultural values.


One of the most impressive event of the Summer Camp was the visit of the American Embassy guest Mr. Brent Israelsen who  observed the students’ performance in their studying process and appreciated their high motivation and initiative to self-performance.



ACCESS Summer Camp Feedback Results


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