Access Teachers' Training Workshops

December, 28 2011

To promote the Access philosophy and to keep teachers updated with all up-to-date techniques to use in Access classes. For this reason, on April, June and December at the American Councils of Moldova there were organized seminars for local teachers discussing topics regarding methodical development.


So, there were discussed: "Ice Breakers" and "Communicative Activities for Oral Fluency", "Developing EFL Literacy Through Project-Based Learning", "Teaching Teenagers", "Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence", "Bloom's Taxonomy: the three types of learning", "Developing Writing Competences", and "Evaluation within Access classes". Also, each Access teacher has the opportunity to share her personal experience in designing a creative lesson plan, using new methods and techniques.

To ensure the dissemination and sustainability of the Access project, we regularly publish online on the web page: http://americancouncils.md/access the information about the Access project activity, sharing our teachers' lesson plans and students' participation.

Previous news
During the whole March, AIESEC Moldova international volunteers have visited all Access sites. They have presented a lesson about 17 Sustainable Development Goals together with Access teachers and assistants.
Access Students from Soroca, Taraclia, Bender, and Vulcanesti had the chance to celebrate Easter in the traditional American Style.
Access Students from Bender, Balti, Taraclia, Vulcanesti and Ungheni decided to organize a public speaking event being inspired by TEDx talks that they have watched during the lessons. First, they were afraid to talk in front of the people, but then they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts and feelings with the public.