Celebrating Easter Together

April, 8 2018

Access Students from Soroca, Taraclia, Bender, and Vulcanesti had the chance to celebrate Easter in the traditional American Style.


Assistants together with teachers organized an egg hunt around the school. Besides, finding the chocolate eggs they had to participate in different challenges like crosswords, play some skits related to Easter, retell a funny story about Easter, etc.


" I had so much fun during these lessons and I feel lucky that I could find 3 chocolate eggs which I have shared with my classmates," said Irina Balan from Vulcanesti


"The most difficult part of this contest was to compete with my classmates because they were so fast at answering the questions and I felt like I need to improve myself in reading more about Easter around the world", said Cezara Tirdea from Soroca.


In the end, everyone was excited about Easter egg hunt and about chocolates ;)

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