AIDS awareness campaign in Taraclia with NSLI-Y students

April, 22 2018

On April 22, Access Students from Taraclia had organized a GYSD project for their community, in order to do that, they have invited NSLI-Y students to join them into city quest and they have planted red flowers in the shape of a ribbon to create an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.


Access Students were excited to meet American teenagers and to do something useful for their community together.


"Making new American friends was a unique experience for me. I have never met an American, but now I know that if I will go in the U.S. I will have the chance to meet with the friends that I have made today", said Ivanoglo Maria


" This project is something that will bring a positive impact in our community and moreover working together with NSLI-Y students made it even more memorable. I hope that one day, we will meet again", said  Ivan Ceban.


"We are studying English for a long time and this was a great way to test my English speaking skills and to overcome the barrier of talking English with a native speaker" explained Terzi Ariana.


More pictures from the event here.

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