AIESEC International Volunteers visits across ACCESS sites

March, 29 2018

During the whole March, AIESEC Moldova international volunteers have visited all Access sites. They have presented a lesson about 17 Sustainable Development Goals together with Access teachers and assistants.


Access Soroca has been visited by Marc Melchor from Mexico, Vice-President AIESEC Moldova. He tried to explain to our students and to make them understand why sustainable development goals are so important. He has presented all the information through games. It was an amazing experience. Students have worked in groups and each team has taken a goal that in their opinion is the most important and actual for our city and country and they tried to find solutions, concrete actions, with what they can begin to make a change. Also, Marc has motivated them to be the change they want to see in our world and if they have ideas for a project, to call him. "Today was a beautiful day because we learned something new, something that will develop our mind. Marc was very polite and good. We learned new things from Marc. He presented very well all the subjects, the problems of society. In conclusion, Marc explains to us that we don't wait for a change but we need to be the change that we want to see. " - Suruceanu Denise "Today's lesson with Marс was very cool. He is a very cheerful person and I liked it. He told many interesting facts and stories. I'll be glad to have another lesson with him." -Ignatiuc Xenia


AIESEC in Moldova Vice-President, Rocío Enriquez from Peru had the chance to meet Access Taraclia during the field trip organized to promote Sustainable Development Goals. Students were enthusiastic about meeting Rocio and excited about starting new projects for their communities.


Students from Access Vulcanesti had the chance to meet Ricky O. Niemeyer from USA, Vice-President AIESEC-in-Moldova, during a great session about 17 Sustainable Development Goals around the world. Besides that, students came up with real project ideas that could be implemented by them in their communities.


AIESEC in Moldova President, Faraji Hassan from Tanzania had the chance to meet Access Bender during the field trip organized to promote Sustainable Development Goals. They discussed about different issues that their community is facing and how to deal with them.


After the visits, students will continue working with AIESEC volunteers in developing different community projects together.


Pictures from Soroca, Taraclia, Bender, Vulcanesti.






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