Access Students organized a local TEDx style event

March, 7 2018

Access Students from Bender, Balti, Taraclia, Vulcanesti and Ungheni decided to organize a public speaking event being inspired by TEDx talks that they have watched during the lessons. First, they were afraid to talk in front of the people, but then they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts and feelings with the public.


Students have shared their thoughts on different subjects: educational issues of the country, hobbies, role-models, heroes, etc. In order to prepare to deliver a speech, students had watched different world known speeches in English, watched Ted Talks during the lessons and learned some tools on how to be a good presenter.


Access Soroca has organized an event in the TEDeX style. They also invited three native speakers, from Fulbright and Peace Corps to choose the winners. Each student prepared a speech on the topic he or she liked the most. So, they had speeches about our country and holidays, about "Martisor", our society, goals, how to achieve our dreams, they also had an interesting information about Mother Teresa. It was very pleasant to listen to all of them. They had some emotions and at the beginning, they were a little nervous but they managed to overcome their fears. Pictures


Access Students think that this kind of activities help them to get better fluency in talking in English and most of them had delivered their first speech.


More pictures here


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The last weekend of March was a productive one for Access teachers and assistants. During two days, teachers had the chance to work with International professionals in the field of project development and community service from AIESEC.