"Be someone's voice" Volunteering Project

March, 7 2018

Access Soroca, during their short spring break decided to do some volunteering around their community. They decided to help two social vulnerable families from their community.


"I never thought life can be so cruel with someone. When I entered his house I thought I was prepared for such a situation, but I wasn't ready to face it. I began to cry. He only said that this is the life he lives and we couldn't do anything. This was a great experience that made me understood that we have to use our voice for helping others, because there're people that can't do this."- Brîjataia Tatiana.


"I enjoy volunteering. It is a way to make our society a little bit better. Today we've helped a man who endured a lot from life. His story was really a touching one, but despite of this he smiled. Even if they (he and his wife) are poor, they are positive persons, they are fighting together. We bought for them some food and they were so thankful. They didn't believe that we really wanted to help them. We gave them a little of our hope that their life will develop in a better way. I enjoyed this day!"- Ciuntu Eugenia


"Today we did a great job! We helped some poor and needy people. These actions filled my heart with goodness and positive emotions. The best thing was that we helped needy children and that's the most important. That was a great day, a wonderful experience and volunteering."- Roxana Guțu


"It is strange how somebody has all he or she wants, but somebody nothing, even the most necessary things. It is one of the laws of our life I can't agree with. I am happy we could help a family. It is a wonderful feeling when you know you can do something for someone, when you can return the lost hope, give some hugs and be the reason of a smile. Let's do this more often!"- Suruceanu Denise


Access Students from Bender had the chance to do volunteering at a local boarding school. They played board games, organized team building activities, learned some basic English phrases and in exchange, they received lots of smiles, hugs, and fun. Access Students will continue to do volunteering there.


Access Students are planning to do more volunteering projects like this one.


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