Public speaking and Leadership Module

January , 21 2018

Since the Books and Blogs module is over, Access Students have started the second module called "Public speaking and Leadership".


There the first the First project is organizing a public speaking event in their region in the TEDeX style. For this students are encouraged to invite friends, family, locals, etc. but the speakers will be students.  The reward for best speakers/ most active will be lunch with a local Vlogger/Influencer or leader in Chisinau.


The second project will be a volunteering opportunity. Since this is a leadership module, students must learn that a good leader is the one how helps others. Each site will be divided into 4 teams, each team will go into their community and find a family/ person whose voice needs to be heard. They will play the role of journalists and prepare a presentation about it for the class, and after, they can go and help the family organizing volunteering activities. The purpose of this is to teach students that a good leader sees the needs of others and a good speaker uses their voice to make others heard.


Looking forward to the results.


Previous news
Access Students from Bender, Balti, Taraclia, Vulcanesti and Ungheni decided to organize a public speaking event being inspired by TEDx talks that they have watched during the lessons. First, they were afraid to talk in front of the people, but then they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts and feelings with the public.
Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.
The last weekend of March was a productive one for Access teachers and assistants. During two days, teachers had the chance to work with International professionals in the field of project development and community service from AIESEC.