Access Soroca visit to Career Guidance Center

January , 15 2018

Access site from Soroca had the chance to visit the Career Guidance Center in their city. Here they can fill in an online test which shows what career orientation fits you better. Due to a limited number of computers, students will visit the center monthly and will try to discover their profile.


Students are very excited about this opportunity and they have shared their first impressions:


Cebotari Olga: "I've never thought we have in our city such a center. It is a great chance for teenagers to decide their future job and you can see there all the universities from Moldova and Romania where you can go. It was a wonderful day full of surprises!"


Vacari Ana: "I was very surprised when I saw on the screen the job I want to practice in future. Honestly speaking, at the beginning I thought they were lying to us. They gave us a password and we created our own accounts. Also, they said we can return there when we want and to pass again the test to see if we would change. I liked it, it was amazing!".


Zaporojeanu Lina: "I got a so long list of jobs and all they were linked to the profession I want to practice. There were four tests, it was a little bit hard to answer all questions, but it was interesting. Hope we will have more activities like this."


Looking forward to the next visit.


Photos here


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