Access Students Christmas Volunteering Project

December, 26 2017

Access Students from Bender decided to organize something very special for this Christmas to a group of children from a socially vulnerable family in their city.


Therefore, they invited 5 kids from that family and went to an exhibition in the art gallery of Bender.


They attended a collection of works called "Between dreams and reality".

"Visiting the gallery I have seen many masterpieces impressed me. But the most amazing moment was the fact that we could share this event together with those kids", said Sorin Caldare.

"Dreams turn into art, and this is great. Helping these kids to explore art together was something magical and we are looking forward to organizing more events with them" said Muna Dabas, assistant.

Cristina Calmîc, a student, thought that it was a very beautiful exhibition of paintings and a unique way to celebrate Christmas with the children.

"These children deserve a lot of attention. Every day they work hard helping their parents and they don't have time to enjoy the childhood", said Lilia Tomaili who also discovered that "Every picture was telling something important."  Alex Beţcu, Access Student,  said that he wants to organize something similar again for other children from their city.


Access Students donated some clothes and toys to those kids hoping that in this way they will make their Christmas brighter.

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