Visit of Annelise Hughes, Peace Corps Volunteer in Soroca

November, 30 2017

On the last day of November, Access Students from Soroca had the chance to meet a Peace Corps Volunteer -  Annelise Hughes.



Annelise came together with Erica Falkenhausen, a Fulbright teacher in Soroca. They related their life story, their experiences. Also, they answered students' questions. It was a very interesting lesson. Erica and Annelise are very wonderful persons. They have shared their favorite books, movie, and songs. Students had a great time together!

"Annelise is a good example for me. She is a good person and a wonderful teacher Erica is interesting, too. They both like to travel and to meet new people. I was amazed to see that they know some Romanian words. I hope we will have more lessons with them!" - Ana Vacari, student.

"It was a very interesting and funny lesson. Erica and Annelise have told us interesting stories and it was so cool. I think it will be nice to have another lesson together." - Xenia Ignatiuc, student.

"This lessson was very special and interesting because Erica and Annelise have told us about their life in America, their favorite books, movies, films, about their favorite animals and flowers. They have told us about the differences between American and Moldovan people, customs. I think this information have been very interesting and helpful for everybody."- Tatiana Brâjataia, student.

"Annelise and Erica are optimistic, active and full of life personalities. I was impressed by their love for volunteering.They have encouraged us to be as active as possible. I certainly can say that they have impressed me and I will always try to have a smile on my face. According to their example, I will continue to practice volunteering and maybe I'll be like them. Erica and Annelise have become, personal for me, heroines that I respect and admire." -Mihaela Țaulean, student.


Students were very impressed with their visit and hope to see them again in the near future.


Photo here


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