City Quest at accessPlus Ungheni

December, 9 2017

On December 9th, accessPlus student together with Alex Panco, teacher assistant organized a city quest for the students across Ungheni. The goal was to unite them and to work as a group in order to get to know each other.They had fun searching the places across the city. They got to know each other better and made the friendship even stronger.They found some new interesting places in their town and took a lot of photos that will remind them of this wonderful period.
Students are waiting for the next city quest.
Here are the city quest rules that they need to follow:
City quest Rules
1. You should stay as a group (not more than 10 m from the group)
2. When you complete the tasks you should take pictures or film short videos in order to have proof of your actions
3. During the city quest, you will have a decent behavior and you will use proper language. This means that you will not insult or make other people feel bad nor in the group neither outside the group.
4. Each task will have a number of points; the team that will gain more points will win
5.You have a deadline to come back to the American Corner - 18.00 O'clock. Each minute that you'll be late will cost you 10 points (20min = 200 points) also, each minute that will make you come faster than the other team will give the same amount of points - Develop a good time management system!
6. You have the right to use 2 HINTS:
- ONE phone call.
- The right to ask ONE question to anyone you like
7.You'll lose 50 points each time when you'll break one of this rules.


Pictures here

Previous news
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