Volunteering at Winter Charity Ball

December, 23 2017

accessPlus Students from Chisinau from had the chance to volunteer at the Winter Charity Ball organized by FLEX Moldova. The fun part of this volunteering experience was the masquerade. They have collected donations and helped a family.
Winter Charity Ball was organized by FLEX Alumni Moldova, in partnership with Creative Development Association and Gender-Centru. Over 150 people gathered for a great cause, aiming at raising funds for a family with disabilities from Chisinau.
During this volunteering activity, students provided logistical help, adjusting the decor for the event, send invitations, check tickets.
For most of them it was their first volunteering experience in their whole life, but we assured them that this is not going to be the last one in accessPlus program.


Pictures here

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Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.
The last weekend of March was a productive one for Access teachers and assistants. During two days, teachers had the chance to work with International professionals in the field of project development and community service from AIESEC.