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October, 20 2017

ACCESS is a great opportunity for every participant, both for English improvement and personal development. The latter is done through various activities and events and also trough inspiring lesson on modern topics such as Storytelling, Public Speech & Leadership, Drama, Creative Thinking and Project Writing.
At the moment we are on our first module from the ones mentioned above, called Books& Blogs, where the students get to learn the basics of storytelling. The book we use it is "Writing stories" by Andrew Wright and David Hill, which is described as "an exciting guide to writing stories, based on the basic assumption that storytelling is a fundamental need for all people of every age and in every society and that, as stories are mostly communicated by words, then story-making and sharing should be a fundamental part of all language learning experience. Writing Stories is a resource book for teachers working with both teenagers and learners of lower intermediate language level upwards. Writing Stories includes short activities which help the students develop their story writing skills."
Both the students and teacher assistants who go through these lessons are very excited about them and said they look forward to every lesson because of these fun materials.
Outside of class, we also organized some events that will go along well with the subject they study. First is "Meet a storyteller", where every region is inviting a speaker from their community whom they would like to hear more about and learn from.
These lessons will conclude with a larger piece of writing, and the two best storytellers from every region will be rewarded with a trip to Chisinau. Here they will be hosted by Ion Bargan, the founder of Bestseller Bookshop & Coffee Shop where he will teach the students the basics of publishing a book and becoming a writer.
We look forward to these next weeks of creative expression and growth.

Previous news
On April 5th, Access Students from Soroca had a special guest. They have met Jonathan Wolfington, Cultural Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.
During the whole March, AIESEC Moldova international volunteers have visited all Access sites. They have presented a lesson about 17 Sustainable Development Goals together with Access teachers and assistants.
"Books and Blogs" module was successfully in Access Sites where students had to create a site blog and write creative stories on it.