ACCESS Bender and accessPlus Ungheni ready for new challenges

October, 17 2017

October started with intensive preparations and excitement in opening two ACCESS sites in Bender and accessPlus Bender. Twenty finalists from each site came at their first lesson and ready to explore new opportunities, discover American culture and to bring a positive impact in their community.
"It is such an honor for me to become an ACCESS Finalist. I'm looking forward to rediscovering myself and do my best during these two years. Also, I see ACCESS as an opportunity to start a good career", said Tomaili Lilia, ACCESS Student in Bender.
"When Mrs. Tucicova (ACCESS Teacher in Bender) announced me that I was selected as an ACCESS Finalist, I couldn't believe it. I have big plans for the next two years and I am sure that this program will help me to become a better person", added Gorceag Evelin, ACCESS Student in Bender.
In Bender, first lesson was very interactive and full of get to know each other activities. The session was held by Nadejda Tucicova, ACCESS Teacher in Bender and Muna Dabas, ACCESS Teacher Assistant and ACCESS Alumna 2017, "I cannot wait to know all the students better and do great projects together for our community. I feel overwhelmed because ACCESS changed me so much and opened to door to so many possibilities. Being an ACCESS Assistant is already a successful achievement for me," quoted Muna Dabas Teacher Assistant.
In Ungheni, at their first lesson, was invited a local reporter who wrote a short article about the program in their local newspaper "Expresul de Ungheni", here is the online version (in Romanian): https://www.expresul.md/2017/11/08/vor-studia-limba-engleza-aprofundat-si-gratuit/
"This program is a great opportunity for me to learn English in a cool environment with teenagers of my age. Besides studying English and American culture, I will make new friends. I hope that at the end of the program I will get lots of knowledge and amazing memories", said Ciprian Bernic, ACCESS Student in Ungheni.
Lessons are held at American Corner in Ungheni and teacher is Diana Retcu: "This program brings a significant impact on¶ our community. Each generation gets unique projects in our environment", explained Mrs. Retcu.
Alex Panco is the teacher assistant Ungheni and he is ACCESS Alumnus 2017, he is excited about this challenge in his life.


In the last days of October sites from ACCESS Taraclia, Soroca and Vulcanesti started their first get to know each other activities together with Alina Ialama, Teacher Assistant, "I cannot wait to start our lessons and to collaborate together. I think I as excited as they are. ACCESS changed my life in a good way and now it is my turn to pay back", said Alina.

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