Access Soroca Makes the World Green

May, 23 2017

The most important values have to be taught from childhood. The love for Nature is imperative and every child has to learn to love and protect the beautiful nature that is around him. Besides that, it is well-known that trees and flowers are a great source of oxygen, and a child definitely needs to grow up in a clean environment, being able to breathe some fresh air.

Having that in mind, the Access students from Soroca implemented the project entitled "Make the World Green", willing to enhance the children's consideration for nature as well as the love for their kindergarten. So they bought a wide variety of flowers and trees and planted them around the kindergarten #17 from their town. Not only have the flowers and trees contributed to creating a clean and fresh environment for the children, but it also created a more pleasant and lovely atmosphere for the children to spend their childhood in.

The teenagers from the Access program set a good example for the kids from this kindergarten. The youngsters paid careful attention to the whole process, eye-witnessing the students' hard work. The kindergarten administration, educators and children expressed their gratitude for the students' initiative and support of our youngest generation.

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