Access Students from Taraclia Build A Playground for the Children of Sofievka

May, 22 2017

Sofievka is a small village from Taraclia district, a typical Moldovan village where there are too many things and places that people need, but, unfortunately, don't have. Willing to make a change for the people who live their lives in Sofievka, the Access students from Taraclia decided to implement one of their final community projects namely here. It is a common problem of the villages throughout Moldova to lack some nice places for entertainment, at least a spot where people can come with their families to relax and have some fun. There wasn't even a small park or playground where the mothers could take their children to play in this village. There were just the rusty remains of a very old playground which couldn't be used any more.

Thus, the Access students came up with the ambitious idea to build a new playground for the kids from this community, so that they get the chance to enjoy their childhood, interact with other kids and have some fun together. When the inhabitants of the village heard about the Access students' initiative, they immediately expressed their gratitude and willingness to help. Local teachers, children and just regular people got involved in the construction and formed a big hard-working team. The crafts teacher from the local school volunteered to build a slide, so the Access team paid just for the materials. The volunteers worked hard, day and night, put their imagination to work and recycled some old tyres, trying to do the best they could with the modest resources that were available.

So now, there is a beautiful new slid, a swing, some new benches and other elements in the colorful playground created by the Access students from Taraclia and the local people. This was such a good example of community spirit and proof of how people can do great things working side by side. Now, the children of Sofievka spend a lot of time in that beautiful colorful corner, enjoying themselves and the charming childhood years.

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