Access Students Participate in the EFL Youth Media Festival

February, 20 2017

The iEARN-Moldova EFL Youth Voices Media Project provided EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers and students from all around Moldova with creative, non-traditional and innovative educational tools meant to foster student creativity and engagement.

The project recognized and rewarded best EFL student projects which use art, film, music and online tools to draw attention to such themes as tolerance and appreciation for diversity, women and girls' empowerment, environmental issues and civic engagement.

A group of Access students from Soroca, together with their teacher, Inna Tofanciuc, as well as some Access alumni from Edinet and their Access instructor, Emma Matreniuc, participated in the project, addressing relevant issues in their society, tolerance and the power of the youth, respectively.
Throughout the project, the students discovered various online tools that they can employ in the learning process. They used them in order to send a strong message to their communities and to draw people's attention towards relevant problems.

The project finalized with an EFL Youth Media Festival which took place in Chisinau on February 18, 2017. All the groups from the regions were invited to Chisinau where they presented their final projects and their videos and shared their ideas with the other participants and their teachers.
The initiative was funded by a grant from the United States Department of State and was coordinated by American Councils.

A better society consists of better people. So first of all I want to say that the EFL Youth Voices Media Festival Project helped us to develop ourselves. It helped me to grow in my school life, and meanwhile to be a different person in my society. This project also gave me the opportunity to explain my ideas in many colors using digital tools and working easily with a lot of websites like Photopeach and Glogster. During this time we learnt to be kinder and more generous, and to help, respect the people around us. Therefore, our team became more united and we became friendlier with each other.
Gabriela Solovei, Access Soroca

This experience was a really good and helpful one because I learned to work on projects through different media tools that could help me in the future. Also, my teammates and I organized different lessons for the new generation in order to teach them what tolerance means. Doing this we learned things that we didn't know, and also it helped to improve our community. The EFL Youth Voices Media Festival Project helped us to advance our abilities that could be applied in different areas such as social life, community service, environment and others. We achieved that through various non-traditional ways like creativity, art, short films and music.

Virginia Baran, Access Soroca
The EFL Youth Voices Media Festival Project was a new experience for me. During this project, together with some other Access students, I learnt how to work with new online tools. We worked side by side and we made videos and different projects about the problems which our community has. One of our videos was about tolerance. While we were making the video we discussed about it and we tried to find some solutions for making people more tolerant. It was a great opportunity to learn and to do something new. I enjoyed it and I hope we will have more projects like this.
Romana Zmeu, Access student from Soroca

Working on the EFL Youth Voices Media Festival project was a big pleasure for me. I didn't only develop my skills in digital storytelling but also met new people from another part of the world through internet. That inspired me to become more confident and more tolerant to others. Also, once I got new knowledge my group and I decided to share it with little children that are not so informed. I felt myself so satisfied, like I gave light from my own candle to someone who really needed it. It was a great and unforgettable experience which made me better and I'm always ready to do it again!
Alina Bostan, Access student from Soroca (FLEX finalist)

Tolerance- Access Soroca Team

Youth Power- Edinet Team

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