Access Students from Taraclia Help Lonely Elderly People to Get Ready for Easter

May, 1 2017

Over the Easter holidays, the Access students from Taraclia decided to share the holiday spirit with other people who might not be as positive and happy about it, simply because they have too many worries that don't allow them to have a beautiful celebration. Thus, the students chose to show their support to the old people who don't have any relatives from their community and opened the doors of the homes where nobody expected them to enter.

After contacting the district council office and discussing this issue with the social workers whose job is to take care of such people, they found out that among 83 elderly people leaving alone, there are 27 ones who have no relatives. Among these 27 old men and women there are 9 who have limited physical or mental disabilities. So, they decided to help these 9 people. They bought different grocery products that the homes they visited most probably lacked and, in addition to that, they gave each person a ‘cozonac', the traditional Easter pastry that people bake in Moldova, in order to bring a small symbol of the holiday to those homes.

Besides the food, they also provided some help: whatever the people asked for, like removing the old broken branches away, cleaning the yard and inside the constructions attached to the house. The old people were extremely surprised to have such guests and to see the students willing to help them.
It was a very long day, but the young workers felt accomplished, and at the same time sad that there are people who live such a difficult life in this cruel world.

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