The Best Letter for Santa Contest

January , 5 2017

The Best Letter for Santa Contest
Winter and Christmas are all about traditions, and we are thrilled to have our own traditions here in Access. One of them is writing a Letter for Santa and closing the year with a reflection upon what has happened during the year, and with plans for the upcoming one. At the end of the year, we organize a very special and magical contest for the Access students from Moldova- the contest for the best letter for Santa, which is probably the students' favorite contest because this is a chance for them to continue believing in miracles and to reflect on the things that are really important in life. Another not less important reason why Access-ers love this contest is the chance to win a prize, of course!
This year 20 letters entered the competition and only 3 will bring their authors prizes. The Access students turned out to be very thoughtful, deep and caring. They asked Santa to bring the best to their families and friends, and didn't only thing about themselves.
The winners of the competition will be announced soon.


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