Access Joins the

October, 28 2016

At the beginning of the new academic year, Access Moldova joined a national donation campaign organized together with FLEX alumni and Peace Corps volunteers. The campaign was entitled "Donezi-Contezi" (If you donate, you matter) and was organized in 28 regions of Moldova. The Access students from Soroca, Taraclia and Vulcanesti, as well as the Access alumni from Ialoveni and Ribnita joined the cause, donating books, school supplies, clothes, toys and food.

They didn't stop with their donations, but also encouraged the people from their community to do the same, so they managed to collect a significant amount of things. If the Access groups from Soroca, Ialoveni and Ribnita went straight to the families to take the donations to their homes, the students from Taraclia and Vulcanesti reached out the needy children from all their local schools and invited them to get the presents caringly donated by the people from their towns. The Access-ers from Taraclia organized a kind of fair for these children, fixed and hour when the kids could come together with their parents to pick the things they liked more by themselves. Only this fair was a very special one since everything was for free.

The people who received the donations were touched by the people's kindness and couldn't believe that somebody was giving out all those things for free. The Access-ers could feel what it means to be helpful and to be part of a big, nation-wide team. Their hard work was fully rewarded when they saw that they could really make a change and give a hand to the people who need it indeed.


Previous news
"Books and Blogs" module was successfully in Access Sites where students had to create a site blog and write creative stories on it.
The last weekend of March was a productive one for Access teachers and assistants. During two days, teachers had the chance to work with International professionals in the field of project development and community service from AIESEC.
Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.