Access Students Learn to be Grateful on Thanksgiving Day

November, 25 2016

What can be better than getting from theory to practice and experiencing the culture of the nation who speaks the language you're learning?

On October, 24, the Access students from Taraclia, Vulcanesti, Anenii Noi and Soroca rediscovered the Thanksgiving Day, the cherished day when people find a moment to be thankful for all the good things they have in their lives, which is such a great exercise that helps you stop thinking about the things you want and makes you focus on the wonderful things that you already have.

The Access students learned about the history of the holiday and the difficult moments the Pilgrims went through, and, afterwards, they found out about the Thanksgiving traditions which American people have nowadays. They borrowed one of them and created their own Thanksgiving trees on which they hung the things they are grateful for.

The students from Ungheni and Balti celebrated this delightful holiday together with the participants of their final projects "Boys and Girls Club" and "American Holidays." The members of the Girls and Boys Cub participated in a very special activity- the web of thanks- during which they said what they appreciate each other for and what they are grateful for. Olivia Sanduleac, FLEX alumna and Access teacher assistant, shared her Thanksgiving story spent in Main, the USA, with the children.


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