SPOKTACULAR Civilization Classes- Halloween 2016

October, 31 2016

This year's Halloween celebrations brought the majestic and SPOOKTACULAR spirit of this holiday to the Access classrooms from Moldova. Students from Anenii Noi, Vulcanesti, and Balti, had the chance to experience an important part of the culture of the English speaking world and participated in a practical assignment during their American Civilization Class- the celebration of this beloved holiday.
The students learned about the history of this holiday and how it extended to other countries and started being celebrated all over the world. They enriched their Halloween vocabularies, wrote petrifying stories, watched videos about how the holiday is celebrated in the USA.

The Halloween parties were accompanied by scary music and pumpkin carving. The students created a a specific frightful atmosphere, decorating their classrooms with bats, witches, black cats and, of course, Jack-O-Lanterns. The students wore scary, yet funny costumes and practiced their beloved tradition of trick-or-treating, getting tasty candy.

The students from Balti joined the party organized at the American Corner and had fun together with the children they work with during the Kids Club. They watched Ghost Busters together, played board games and read scary stories. Laura Tarlapan, the Access Balti teacher assistant, painted the kids' faces so that they would match their costumes.

The scary celebrations were accompanied by smiles and fun, the two most important ingredients of a successful pastime.

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