Access Ungheni Team Opens a "Boys and Girls" Club in their Community

December, 15 2016

Boys and Girls Club is the final community project implemented by the Access Team from Ungheni and represents a special club for 12-13 years-old children from their town who they worked with for 6 weeks. The Access students shared some of the skills they acquired during the program with a group of kids from their community and taught them to be community-friendly even from childhood.

Thus, the Access team from Ungheni involved the participants of the Boys and Girls Club in a wide variety of activities. They had fun together playing some team building activities which they had experienced at the Access Summer Camp, and learned interesting things about the members of the club. Also, they talked to children about volunteerism and its importance and introduced them to the concept of leadership. This was an amazing chance for Cristina Bulancea, the coordinator of the project, to apply and share the knowledge she obtained during the Youth Leadership Program which was organized in the USA.

The kids put into practice the newly assimilated knowledge and organized their own community project. So they collected clothes which they later donated to a socially-vulnerable family from Manoilesti village. In addition to that, the children donated food to people suffering from cancer.

During the Girls and Boys Club, the children also got the chance to learn about American culture and celebrated Thanksgiving together. They made their own Thanksgiving tree, expressed their gratitude to each other during the "web of thanks" and discovered some American traditions related to this holiday with the help of Olivia Sanduleac, FLEX alumna and Access Ungheni teacher assistant.

The participants also made some pen pals from Brunswick, Maine, USA, whom they wrote letters to and also prepared and sent packages with Moldovan sweets and souvenirs. The connection between the Moldovan and American children was possible due to Inesa Zberea, a FLEX exchange student from Ungheni, and Joseph Murphy, Olivia Sanduleac's host dad. The students loved the idea to share their thoughts with other children who live across the Atlantic Ocean.

The members of the Boys and Girls Club loved their weekly meetings with the Access students so much that they didn't want the project to finish. That is definitely a sign that the Access-ers managed to light the fire of activism in those little hearts.

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