First Aid Training for Access Staff

May, 30 2016

One of the main highlights of the Access Microscholarship Program is, beyond any doubt, the summer camp. Given that on the 21st of June we are going to start the 6th edition of the camp, the entire Access team is busy getting ready for this big event.

Thus, the Access teachers, teaching assistants and administration were invited to participate in a “First Aid” Training organized by Red Cross Moldova, in order to learn how to face all kind of stressful situations that may come up and to ensure the security of all the Access students who will participate in the summer camp.

The Access staff were informed about the way one has to behave in an unanticipated situation, the steps he has to take in order to provide assistance to any person who has an injury in order to prevent the condition from worsening and promote recovery. It was a very informative session consisting of both theory and practice. The participants role-played various possible situations and trained to act efficiently in order to provide the help that is needed in that particular situation.

During the 2 days the participants realized that many of the actions they thought were necessary in certain situations were actually detrimental and could make the condition worse. The trainees practiced all the techniques they learned on their colleagues and on some specially designed dolls for suchlike trainings.


All the participants were happy to be involved in such an event and to learn life lessons that are useful in both, their working activity and personal life.

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