200 Access Students and Alumni Organize Events on GYSD in 10 regions

April, 25 2016

GYSD is a great opportunity for active people all over the world to put their ideas into practice, and the Access groups from Moldova enjoy this event, getting involved every year, coming up with a wide variety of ideas aimed at bringing changes into their communities and inspiring others to act and do something that would benefit their towns.

This year, around 200 Access students and alumni from 10 regions of Moldova (Edinet, Balti, Soroca, Ungheni, Hincesti, Taraclia, Anenii Noi, Vulcanesti, Grigoriopol, Ribnita) worked side-by-side in order to have a positive impact on their towns. In some regions, the students persuaded other people, their friends, brothers and sisters, to join them. The main issues the implemented projects of the Access students dwelled upon were: the problem of pollution, environment, health, inclusion of people with special educational needs, tolerance and education in general.

Therefore, the Access groups from Ungheni, Soroca, Balti and Taraclia organized major actions for cleaning the rivers from their towns: Delia, Raut, Nistru and Gandabula (Tarakliika). In addition to that, the Access group from Ungheni went to the streets of their native town to talk to people and to advertise the healthy lifestyle, offering them apples. The Access students from Anenii Noi planted around 60 willows on the banks of the river Bic.

The project implemented by the group from Soroca was also related to the imperative problem of environment that the Earth faces nowadays. Recycling is a great solution to the problem of consumption and in order to promote this idea, the Access team organized a delightful activity in “Princhidel” kindergarten aimed to teach children the importance of preserving the nature. Thus, the Access students helped the kids create adorable butterflies, owls, cats, pigs, rockets, and crowns out of toilet paper rolls. The children were thrilled by this activity and were impressed by their own creativity and abilities.

Moreover, the students from Vulcanesti, in partnership with the local administration, planned actions designed to show support to people with disabilities, to be precise, a festival that included active games and activities. The children also received balls as an encouragement to stay active despite their health problems, to enjoy the exciting moments you can get while doing sport, and not to give up.

The Access alumni also got involved and put into practice their ideas to mark this special day which is celebrated by the active citizens of the world. The group from Edinet implemented the project entitled “Peace and Tolerance” which consisted of several steps.  After doing a research and talking to people on street about these issues, they organized trainings for 5th and 6th graders with the intention of promoting the idea of tolerance and bringing ways to maintain the peace in a community. The alumni from Hincesti celebrated the GYSD by cleaning the banks of the river Cogilnic. The ones from Grigoriopol and Ribnita implemented environmental projects, cleaning areas from their native towns and planting flowers, hoping to make them more colorful and beautiful.

All in all, this year’s GYSD celebration was again full of interesting ideas and events. The Access students put a lot of effort to promote and implement their ideas hoping that they can solve some of the main issues our society faces. We want to thank all our students and alumni for the energy, enthusiasm and dedication they put into their GYSD projects.

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