Access Teachers, Students and Alumni Participate in iENGAGE Global Youth Service Day Conference

May, 16 2016

Global Youth Service Day is a wonderful opportunity for the active youth from all over the world to take a stand and show support to their communities, to take actions that would make the places where they come from much better.

Access Microscholarship Program Moldova is lucky to have students who are eager to make our country a very distinct place. That is why GYSD is that special occasion when the ideas of the students become real, it is that event which joins the youth all over the world in order to serve Mother Nature.

Every year, the Access learners from different regions of the country come up with project ideas that they later implement. This year, 6 Access groups from Soroca, Balti, Ungheni, Anenii Noi, Taraclia and Vulcanesti, as well as 3 groups of alumni from Edinet, Ribnita and Hincesti, joined this event. A special addition to this year’s GYSD celebration was the involvement of the Access groups in the iEARN online community. The Access teachers registered on this online platform and together with partners from other countries they designed their projects and shared their achievements with their peers.

This fruitful collaboration culminated with a Conference which was part of the iENGAGE project, on the 15th of March. Access teachers, assistants, students and alumni were present at the event. They imparted their results to other teachers and learners from Moldova and also learned about other projects that have been implemented in other regions, getting inspired from the other people’s success and making long lists of project ideas.

Given the long history of work on iEARN, the Access team was pervasive during the conference. Thus, Emma Matreniuc, ex- Access teacher from Edinet and her students Nichita Babiuc, alumnus from Edinet, talked about their last project entitled “Peace and Tolerance,” focusing on the stages of the project and its outcomes. Another fruitful teacher-student collaboration was presented by the team from Hincesti, Daria Prozorovschi and Vasile Birdan, being the ones who talked about the experience of creating cards for youth from Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand and Belarus and receiving cards from them via the “Holiday Card Exchange” project. In addition to that, Daria Prozorovschi talked about the “Story Book Project”, an assignment she and her students got involved in.

A wonderful surprise were the awards the students received for their meticulous work and we are proud that 3 out of the 7 winning teams are representatives of the Access program:

3rd Place Winners:

· We have No Differences (Vulcănești)

2nd Place Winners:

· Access or Pollution (Taraclia)

1st Place Winner:

· Peace and Tolerance (Edineț)

All the students and teachers received books that will help them in their careers, a generous donation that had come to Moldova all the way from North Carolina. We are very grateful to the people who made this event possible and who support the active youth of Moldova.


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