10 Access Teams Joined iEARN Moldova National Student Media Conference

March, 14 2016

Access Microscholarship Program Moldova has a long history of collaboration with teachers and students from all over the world in the iEARN online community. For the past 6 years, the Access students from Moldova have been involved in various international projects and have been working in Learning Circles, dealing with various topics of interest for their communities: Money Matters, Global Issues: Education, My Hero, Our Rivers, Our World, Early People Symbols, Places and Perspectives, My City and Me and others.

The outcomes of the cooperation between Access students from all over Moldova and other learners from other countries were a multitude of community projects that had been successfully implemented in the towns and cities the students were from.

Given the wide experience of work within the iEARN community, the Access teams from Moldova were invited to participate in the iEARN Moldova Adobe Youth Voices National Student Media Conference, organized on the 12th of March. Together with other teachers and students from all other the country, the Access representatives exhibited some of their most outstanding media products created as part of numerous iEARN projects. Representatives from U.S. Embassy to Moldova, Kate Bartlett, Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Ludmila Bilevschi, Alumni and Speakers Specialist, the English Teaching Resource Center, and Moldovan English Teachers Association attended the event as honorary guests.

We are very proud to mention that 6 Access groups received prizes for their diligent work. Here is the full list of the Access groups that were awarded.

3rd place- Help Horses from Ungheni (Access Ungheni- Diana Retcu, Ana Scerbatii)

3rd place- Christmas Time is Sharing Time (Access Ungheni- Liliana Schiopu, Maximciuc Valeria)

2nd place- Colourful Town- Make Your World Better (Access Grigoriopol- Natalia Constantinov, Olga Taran)

2nd place- Access Heroes from Grigoriopol (Access Grigoriopol- Natalia Constantinov, Olga Taran)

2nd place- New, Fresh and Teenage-like (Access Ialoveni- Marina Zaharciuc, Cristina Giza)

1st Place- Different but Equal (Access Edinet- Emma Matreniuc, Iulia Sorocan)

We want to express our gratitude to the organizers of the event for showing support to the English teachers and their students who aren’t indifferent but act for the sake of our country.

Congratulations to all the winners! Keep up the good work!


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