Access Teacher from Balti Implements the "GIRLS IN THE LEAD" Project for Access students and alumni

March, 20 2016

As an alumna of US Department of State programs, the Access teacher from Balti and alumna of SUSI Program, Corina Ceban, received a US Embassy to Moldova grant for implementing her gender education project "GIRLS IN THE LEAD" that lasted 5 months. The project was implemented under the coordination of the Academy for Innovation and Change through Education, and aimed to train, involve and empower 20 young girls from three regions of Moldova to work collaboratively with different educational agents in order to form leadership skills and implement them through different learning strategies related to equal rights and citizenship, by actively using debate and online tools. All in all, there were more than 50 girls trained including Access students and alumni from other regions,so that all of them were able to:

1. identify personal leadership styles and individual strengths, and emerge prepared to translate passions into service opportunities;

2. develop their strategic abilities, critical thinking through intellectual games, and problem-solving tasks;

3. improve communicative abilities to effectively solve interpersonal conflicts through their social and emotional intelligence;

4. create an inspiring vision of the future, motivating people to engage with leadership vision.

The project itself was divided into two parts:

1.Leadership activities with experts from Moldova (American Councils, Chisinau (Daniela Munca-Aftenev, Olga Morozan) and NGO “Mostenitorii”, Balti) and the USA (University of Montana) with 7 girls from Balti, alumni and non-alumni of ACCESS program. The girls were recruited from three schools (one national and two Russian) from the same district of Balti. The activities allowed girls to grow up more confident and empowered as women of the world.

2.The trained girls organized comprehensive sessions, with the focus being on the leading role of girls in a modern society, in four different regions of our country (Edinet, Soroca, Balti, and Ungheni). The activities began with debates and photo collages based on girls’ life in the family and school community. Activities in the form of games were conducted in between the sessions, being funny, unique and educational.

The end of the project was the creation of a virtual regional network aiming to connect teachers and students from participating schools in order to collaboratively implement the newly developed games through mentorship; disseminate the games and activities among the regional English teaching community, and share best practices in teaching English through teambuilding activities and educational games.

More details about the project could be found on "Girls in Lead" project blog: http://girlsinthelead2015.blogspot.md/

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