Access Teachers Participate in a Workshop Led by English Language Fellow Jeanie Lundbom

March, 21 2016

Access Microscholarship Program is not only a unique development opportunity for youth, but it also offers a proper development environment to the teachers and teaching assistants who are involved in the program. Constant development and work is a "must" in the life of an English instructor. The teacher's role is of great importance as they have a great impact on their students. It is also a very difficult task, too. And it is even more challenging to be an Access teacher as it requires work with students after class. Given that the students are quite tired after school, the teachers have to come up with interesting and collaborative activities in order to keep the students interested, active and busy. In order to provide the Access instructors with a wide variety of interactive and efficient ideas for the classroom, training sessions aimed at enhancing their teaching skills are frequently organized.

Thus, on the 19th of March, 15 Access teachers and teaching assistants from 8 different regions of Moldova (Edinet, Soroca, Ungheni, Balti, Hincesti, Anenii Noi, Taraclia, Vulcanesti) gathered to Chisinau to a teacher training lead by the English Language Fellow Jeanie Lundbom who shared her teaching experience with the Language instructors from Moldova. She presented two sessions on "Academic Writing - Essential Elements and Common Errors" and "Multi-Mode Language Practice". The topics were worthwhile given that many Access students apply for studies abroad and the Access program represents the first stage where they can start getting ready for this, and their Access teachers can help them with this.

During the "Multi-Mode Language Practice" session, the mentors were informed about the way they can engage students with different learning styles in the classroom. Together, the teachers brainstormed a list of activities they could apply for each type of learning style in particular. They also discovered a very interactive activity for teaching verb tenses which are especially good for visual learners. It involves action, group work and movement around the class, something that students love doing.

In addition to that, just like all the other common meetings, this event was a great opportunity for the Access teachers from all over Moldova to meet, discuss how the things work in their regions, give each other suggestions and plan common actions.

The Access instructors expressed their gratitude for being offered the chance to participate in such events, and especially to Mrs. Lundbom for imparting some of her findings in terms of English teaching.

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