18 Access Students Spending an Afternoon in the Company of the US Ambassador to Moldova, Mr. James D. Pettit

March, 28 2016

Tea at the Ambassador's is a wonderful tradition that year after year the Access students from Moldova have the chance to go through. It is that special day of their Access experience when the best students from each region are invited to spend a unique afternoon in the company of the US Ambassador to Moldova as well as other employees of the US Embassy who work hard and support the successful implementation of the Access program in our country.

This year, 18 students from Balti, Ungheni, Soroca, Anenii Noi, Taraclia, and Vulcanesti, together with their teachers and teaching assistants were invited at Mr. James E. Pettit's Residence in Chisinau. In order to be chosen to participate in this event, the students had to go through a very competitive selection process. They all created videos on the topic "How may the experience of  visiting the U.S. Ambassador influence me" in which the Access-ers shared their dreams, plans for future and expressed their eagerness to meet the Ambassador and to find out more things about the U.S. culture and life. They have proven that they are very talented, making some very creative videos.

The students were very enthusiastic about the meeting with the Ambassador and came to the event well-prepared. They had lots of questions ready and one by one, they surprised the Ambassador with curious questions related to his job, childhood, family, hobbies, life in Moldova and many other topics.

In addition to that, the event was an excellent opportunity for the Access students to meet the fellow students from other regions as well as the staff who works tirelessly to make their Access experience unforgettable. Also, they were treated with delicious American desserts which they enjoyed a lot. All in all, this was an exciting day, full of positive emotions and the Access students will definitely remember it for a long time.

Follow the link to see the videos created by the Access students on the topic How may the experience of visiting the U.S. Ambassador influence me:


The winners' videos:

Access Anenii Noi

1. Leontean Catalina
2. Parsov Ana
3. Lungu Estera

Access Balti:
1. Serghei Tina
2. Gisca Madalina
3. Rotaru Loredana

Access Soroca:
1. Dorogan Eva
2. Corobcian Olga
3. Bostan Alina

1. Savastin Artiom
2. Posmac Anastasia
3. Ialama Alina

Access Ungheni:
1. Girbea Elena
2. Condurachi Veronica
3. Panco Alexandru

1. Spacova Renata
2. Arabadji Igor
3. Nichipurenco Angelina


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